architecture billings go higher than 2007 mark

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    Trace One


    that’s a new concept for me – ‘architecture billings’…    

    anyway, it is apparently on the rise..posted this to hearten job-seekers…

    Jason T. Radice

    It is the first quarter of positive growth. With this index, a score of 50 is neutral, no growth, no loss. So, there is .2 points growth. Great. Losses had been slowing over the past months, but then it picked up again. Hopefully, this is the start of higher billings, but given the track record of this index, it is likely just a blip and losses will continue next quarter.

    Wes Arola, RLA

    Which economy internationally is doing the best right now with regard to landscape architecture,planning,construction,private/public development. I heard that Australia and New Zealand are both doing well…


    I’ll take it.  Consider me heartened.

    Noah Mabry

    I have heard that for Australia, not sure about New Zeland (I didn’t know they built anything there…hehe). From what I understand the Aussies managed to whether the recession because of their huge mining economy out in the western desert, and any interruption they did experience they have pretty much recovered from.


    It would be a mistake to not also mention our new Chinese overlords….tons of work there. I have a friend who is working there now and loves it (although she’s from China, and therefor has quite an advantage in the language department.)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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