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    David Lorberbaum

    ASLA’s Salary Survey came out last week and I wanted to post the link and hear what other’s thought about it.

    I realize that geographic regions along with cost of living per city play a part in determining a person’s salary so it may differ for everyone, but what is the age of the person at that median level they are talking about?  Or better yet, how many years of experience does a person have at the median level that is mentioned in the survey.
    I’ll sit back and let everyone discuss and give advice.
    Ryland Fox

    Interesting. Here is the link to the Australian salary survey for 2010. With the aussie dollar worth more than the US dollar currently the results are pretty good.

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    The salary survey, I believe, is based only on those responding rather than being a statistically significant study. Who is more likely to respond? Is there a chance of some individuals embellishing their situations?

    Having said that, I don’t think it sounds improbable. We are talking about averages. Would the average 0-5 year experience be $21.60 an hour if you consider that two or three years of that is going to be internship for many? I think that is likely.

    This might be of interest:

    Thomas J. Johnson

    “Being licensed significantly contributed to salary – $77,700 for those holding a license compared to $52,700 without.”

    – Having your license makes a $25,000 difference!? I need to get my license!!


    Ponder this:
    -This was a survey of LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS. By definition and state licensure standards, shouldn’t every LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT already be licensed. Would they not be a landscape designer if they had no license? Should their be separate categories for landscape designers and all those Planners, Project Mgrs and other associate level firm employess who call themselves landscape architects yet technically aren’t?

    -The average salary should be adjusted and account for all the landscape architects who have lost their jobs and their salary is $0. (Of course this is ASLA, everything is fine and dandy in the field. No cause for alarm. Everyone in the field is rich and making money.)

    -This survey probably doesn’t include all those who can no longer afford to maintain their ASLA membership due to losing their jobs. Guess I just answered my question from above. (By the way, in Colorado, ASLA generously offered two whole grants for professionals who could not afford membership dues….ASLA has yet to offer further assistance or reduce membership fees to all the hundreds of LA’s who can no longer afford the privilege of membership.)

    Trace One

    and what about MLA’s? I didn’t see any mention of that in the salary survey – maybe I missed it..But MLA’s in my experience, garner more money also..

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    It is a survey, not data!

    This is only information gathered by ASLA asking their members to voluntarily take the survey. It is a limited amount of LAs being asked and only people self motivated to fill it out who are making the results.

    They are up front about that, but it seems like no one wants to comprehend that. It is only misleading if you chose to believe that this information is anything other than information collected by those who want to disclose (accurately or otherwise) what their income level and experience is.

    I put a link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics information on Landscape Architecture in my post above. There are plenty of ways to interpret what is in that and what it means, but it is data. I believe that the bulk of it comes from tax returns.

    Jason T. Radice

    Not if you have a license first, or don’t expect a big raise when you do get licensed. Its one or the other, not both.


    Exactly. Count the# of LAs out of work. Start the survey from there….Average salary $0.00

    John Pacyga

    It’s interesting to look at the salary survey compared to the 2nd and the 3rd quarter business survey.

    Here’s another take on an LA’s salary:

    Jim Del Carpio

    Me Too, Dah

    Chris Link

    I emailed Ann Pryor at ASLA in DC regarding the lack of registration options for out of work Landscape Architects. I was told that since my membership lapsed that I basically had no options, besides attending the expo only for $25.00. This is of course the last place I want to be when at a conference, they should pay us to go to this product pushing extravaganza (its not all bad). I feel there should be some kind of reduced rate for membership and absolutely a reduced (free) rate for the expo’s. The sponsorship for these events alone should carry the cost. My 2 cents.

    Regarding the salary survey, the out of work LA’s lack of one would sway that baby like a clipper in 30 knots.

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