Best Moonlighting Gigs

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    Brandon Clemson

    What is a good side job (moonlighting) that a landscape architect can do after hours to make some extra money, besides making sketches and renderings?

    Greg Bland

    I suggest going out on your own. Here is how

    Catherine Riley

    This summer I created a design/build company that is my moonlighting job. I do installations on weekends with some friends and family and meet clients after working hours. I’ve made about $10,000 so far and it’s only July. I’d highly recommend it, although it is really hard work.

    Leslie B Wagle

    Learn some desktop publishing (a few years ago it was QuarkXpress, now maybe InDesign) and you may be able to get on a late shift at a magazine or similar place. Other graphics possibilities may exist like website support on a freelance basis for small companies who don’t want to manage their own, and that can benefit you as a side skill to LA. It can help beef up your resume in applying for work or to support yourself. In the meantime, expand on such skills as 3D and rendering for the same reasons.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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