BIM in Landscape Architecture

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    Eric Gilbey

    Hey Laith, Vectorworks has a guardrail tool and a wall tool. A tool specific to fences has been discussed for development, but not yet a current feature. Landscape features/site furniture are symbol objects and are available for use. Data can be assigned to them, and routinely, we release vendor specific libraries of these objects where data will already be assigned to use in scheduling (by worksheets). Wall finishes are handled by component driven, parametric wall objects. A wall can be unstyled but know how thick and tall it is, or you can choose a wall that knows its components (i.e. gyp board, metal framing and brick veneer). The texture seen in 3D of those walls would be specific to the component chosen, or another texture applied as an override). If you take a section cut through the wall or site and wall, you would see where the grade meets the wall and the components within the wall. Though you can use 3D modeled geometry to represent the subsurface drainage, there is at least one plug-in tool that I know of that will help manage civil oriented tasks such as subssurface utilities, among some other tools. There are some tools within Landmark that handle roads and parking layout as well. The parking tools are a couple of my favorites.

    The LinkedIn discussion is within ASLA’s Group. The person posting has not had a lot of responses yet, so I’m sure she would appreciate your input. Now that I say this, she will probably get a great deal…which is probably a good thing. There will be a great deal of BIM workflow sessions at this year’s ASLA conference in San Diego. Hope you can make it to them.

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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