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    Steve Burkel

    Hello All,

    I’m working on some implementation studies for Revit and Civil 3D in our LA office and I was curious if anyone has had any experience with the LandCADD or Siteworks software plugins? Also, those that are using Revit, in what phase(s) of your projects have you found it to be useful (ie concept, schematic, CD’s)? Would you recommend using Revit as a replacement for SketchUp?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    –Steve B.

    Jeremiah Farmer

    Revit does not work for site or landscape.

    Let’s put it this way — if the only way to draw a Window in Revit was to create a Door out of Glass and then just pretend it’s a window, architects wouldn’t use it.  But that’s what landscape architects have to do if they want to use it.  There’s no way to draw a Curb, so you have to draw little Walls, or a bunch of raised Flooring, and pretend it’s all curbs.

    There’s also no ability to label groups of plants, unless you first create an ad-hoc Group out of them, which is time-consuming and cumbersome.

    It’s just a gigantic nightmare.

    The thing is, there’s no reason to use it.  The building can be exported quickly to Sketchup.

    So the landscape team can stay with an AutoCAD/Sketchup software load, and Sketchup can be the 3D interchange format for all the disciplines.

    There’s plenty of other disciplines that are not going to use Revit — Civil, Irrigation, and in the case of theme parks, Ride Design.  So to say Revit *has* be used is incorrect.  What is correct is to find an appropriate 3D interchange format, which Sketchup fits exactly.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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