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    mark foster

    Does anyone have reference and/or examples of public bus stops/shelters?  I am looking specifically for site/community specific designs and examples, and perhaps even the bizarre.  


    Brett T. Long

    Hey Mark.  These were custom designed and built for North Tahoe.  Nothing to interesting, but they are built like a bomb shelter. I wish my house was built like these.   http://www.moonshineink.com/articles.php/0/1798

    Tosh K

    SFs stops by lundberg’s office is different.

    John Galbavy

    Here is a shelter for a streetscape that I worked on for my firm that I work for – David Conner & Associates. It is in Mediteranean Revival-ish style (in Tampa, Fl) and we developed the design for the shelter, pergola and tower as a gateway feature. Note the scuff marks that people leave while leaning up against and putting thier sneakers on the wall. Anti graffiti coating is important in these situations and is required by some municipalities.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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