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    Jay Smith

    For many L.A. professionals considering other fields these days in the pursuit of stability, higher growth potential, etc., the options are not so obvious in a world that has such a misconception of Landscape Architecture.  Without starting completely over in another career (something I have considered), there are some roads to take which build upon those years of experience as an L.A. and ultimately might make re-entry into the profession or a parallel career more feasible.


    I’m sure some of my fellow professionals on here have thought about this at some time or another, or know people who have successfully made the transition into another career.  I’d like to hear your ideas and hopefully this thread can grow into a beneficial reference for those in a similar situation.


    I think the conundrum that many people face in this situation is trying to find something that doesn’t totally discount all those years of hard work and expense that went into the BLA or MLA. 

    There are a few forms of higher education that come to mind:


    – A marketing or Business degree.


    – Urban Planning or Architecture (Although the stability problem will still be a huge issue).


    – Environmental Planning or Engineering


    – Graphic Design


    *** If you have thoughts on this subject, but would like to remain anonymous, I encourage you to PM me and I would be happy to share your ideas on here without using your name.***



    Amit Pandya

    Great discussion topic! I have thought about this for quite a bit and now that I consult for myself and although work is steady I have decided to pursue my MBA. I figure the work will come in and pick up in time, but what a great time to pursue a higher education, this can only make you more marketable in a very competetive market. I recommend pursuing a degree aside from urban design/planning or architecture just because it would limit you’re oppurtunities in such a saturated profession.

    Thanks for the great post,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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