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    Rob Halpern


    I worked in an office with 3 engineers and 3 la’s. During client meetings one of our own engineers would jump right on his phone in front of the client group as soon as we started talking about design.



    Times are changing.  Technology in general has allowed (and now forced) many of us to do the job of two workers.  On a related note, most people are TERRIBLE public speakers.  I competed in speech and debate in high school and college focusing on limited preparation speaking (as well as improv for fun).  All it takes is one monotone speaker in a room with terrible lighting and/or ventilation and I want to head for the doors.  People need to engage their audience with simple intonation, body language, and succinctness, even in the most mundane of meetings.  


    Tanya Olson

    Curious about your opinions Land8ers – when does it cross the line? Is it unprofessional to look up information pertinent to the meeting? 

    It seems to me that you could have a laptop or tablet in front of you and have all kinds of activity going on, but appear to be taking notes. Is it just the phone? If its ok to search for pertinent information should you announce it? What is the etiquette? 

    Also, I think of parenting needs. With two working parents often both attending meetings and not necessarily available any other way, the cell phone is the point of contact for kids.  If you need to be available to kids for emergencies can you set your phone on the table? Do you explain to the group you are meeting with? What do you all think?


    Rob Halpern

    I often have my laptop in front of me in meetings where additional info might be helpful. Usually so does everyone else.

    As for checking calls and texts, I now use this:


    Goustan BODIN

    Depends what type of meetings as well. I’ve recently participated in a meeting where you are expected to stay up to the end, while our client reviews progress on all of their projects, even the ones you’re not working on.

    About 30 people in the room, and when your turn has passed, you’re seriously bored and wasting time.

    That’s when I did wish I owned a smartphone, like everyone else…



    Pretty sure he just hated landscape architects…basedon the one time he told me he hated landscape architects.

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