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    Does anyone have any tips when detailing concrete slides for a playground? Has a certain finish worked better than others? Thank you.

    Dave McCorquodale

    So while I’ve never built a concrete slide, my mental image is that this is built on a sloping grade and not free-standing.  I’d go for a fairly polished surface, the gunite slides we build on pools are fairly polished and they’re also wet which helps the slide actually work.  You better think this thing through or Dennis Day is going to come out of retirement to redline this thing all over the place!!!!  Hope you guys are well!



    Thanks Dave.  We are all doing great.  I hope you and your family are as well.  Yes, we are really trying to get this detail right. No redlining!!   We have detailed an embankment slide before (but not out of concrete).  I am thinking the polished/ sealed surface is best.  I have seen them before but was hoping to find an LA that has built one.   We need to have a KSU LA reunion!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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