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    Andrew Furmanski

    Dear _______

    In an effort not to attain anymore automated denials sent out to the masses I have completely redone my portfolio and website. I feel like I have looked at this website far too long to have any proper judgement on it so I would love some feedback…

    The website isn’t entirely professional however I think it is a good balance of private / professional. If you have a minute please let me know what you think (and if you would hire me)!

    Rachel Prelog

    I really enjoyed your website. I didn’t think it was too personal, it was intriguing. It got my clicking away wanting to see more. Have you thought about including some of your hand renderings? Your digital work was so good and there was so much of it that I think as a viewer it I kind of started to take it for granted after a while. Does that make sense? Maybe if there was some contrast in the middle to break it up. Also have you thought about adding captions describing what media you used? It might be a good way to keep reiterating what your proficient in.

    Hang in there. I’m sure those emails will stop soon. I’m jealous ūüėȬ†

    Andrew Furmanski

    Thanks so much for the comment Rachel. I hadn’t thought to add captions describing the media for my individual project pages but thats a great idea, thanks!


    Just remember that its not your fault.¬† These companies just have no need to hire right now.¬† I don’t even get rejection letters most of the time!¬† The country is not in building mode right now.¬† All I see under construction in my area are dollar stores and hospitals!

    Andrew Furmanski

    That’s why I’m looking for work outside of the US…

    Tosh K

    Nice work – east coast firms have all been actively looking though a lot of us are skittish about adding staff but many already have; hope you’ve been hammering on the UGA network, there’s a lot of em out here.

    Good luck.

    Andrew Furmanski

    Thanks for the well wishes guys. I’m still looking to get some intense crit on my work though if anyone is still interested!

    Aiyou Zhu

    You are very talented at graphic!  and I really like your website!

    Just two comments:

    1. For your website, you have so much good stuff there, How about have more emphasis on your portfolio and CV sections? Probably, you can make their front bigger or use a different color. Well, I think you can come up with a better idea, I am not good at web design at all.

    2. For your portfolio, how about add more details, your projects are sort of conceptual. 

    Hope I did not get you confused, but I would like to hire you, but I am poor too, hah, Good Luck! 

    Andrew Furmanski

    Aiyou, thanks so much for the feedback! Great advice

    Akin Adekile

    The portfolio is very very good. The suggestions I have for the portfolio have already been mentioned by the above users.

    As far as the website goes, it’s good, but If there’s one thing I have to say about it ¬†was that I had slight difficulty understanding what the website was about at first glance. It seems your homepage for the website ¬†is the “projects” page, which I found a little unusual.¬†I think the first page a viewer should see on a website is the bio page (the “ANDREW FURMANSKI” tab). The bio sets the stage for the rest of the website, because it acts as an introductory and it give me some sort of idea what to expect as I explore the rest of the website.¬†

    Also you might  want to consider investing in a domain name just to make your website more distinctive. I know another cargo collective user that was able to rename her website so I know this is possible.

    Also, take into consideration how you website might look like on a phone and tablet since more and more people are using those formats to browse the web.

    I hope that helped a little bit.

    p.s I love the art prints under shops!

    Andrew Furmanski


    Great advice. Lots of really good things to consider. I appreciate it. 

    Perhaps we can swap some art someday ūüėČ

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