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    Christopher Patzke

    I have always wanted to work for the Department of the Interior | National Park Service because I strongly believe in their mission. I have the training, qualifications and the work experience. I have applied several times for different positions. It seems like internal candidates are already chosen and the NPS is going through the motions required by posting open positions. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for getting a foot in the door? My heart is really there but the door is seldom open.

    Ged Woelke

    Another addition, I have recently applied for a NPS project manager job in the Tetons. I called processing center today and 101 of the 149 applicants have made it through the first round. That is a tremendous amount of qualified individuals. Especially when the application took me over 5 hours to prepare.

    As the last person suggested, if you have been rejected on a past position, use that experience and call the processing center. They definately know your score and why you may not have been moved on to the selection committee. You may have to keep making modifications on your resume and applications until they receive what their looking for.

    Good Luck.

    Christopher Patzke

    Thanks for the responses.

    I have applied for two positions in the recent past (about 8 months ago and about 3 years ago). Neither was with NPS though. The last position I applied for was a landscape architect position with the National Botanic Garden through the Architect of the Capitol. I found the staff to be so amazingly rude that I did not pursue it and withdrew my application. I was truely offended.

    Prior to that I did go through the process for a position as the landscape architect for President’s Park in DC. The park is comprised of Lafayette Square, the grounds immmediately surrounding the White House and the Ellipse. I scored 98 on the qualifications and interviewed. The interview went extremely well and I got a very good feeling from the experience. I was so close but did not get the position.

    I get the sense that people are already selected for positions prior to posting. I also note that a large portion of the jobs posted are reserved for status candidates making the general public ineligible. It’s very frustrating.


    I worked for NPS at the Denver Service Center as a landscape architect. I probably applied at least three times before getting called for an interview. It definitely helped that I had a colleague who was already there and tipped me off to when there would be an announcement coming out. I got the job on my own merits and achievements.

    What the others have said to you is true. You have to keep at it, but you also need to get know these people so you have some internal contacts that can give you some advance notice and heads up.

    Good luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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