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    im doing rehabilitation landscape for drug rehab center. need to broaden my idea to make it interesting..hmm..still thinking, thinking n thinking..

    Trace One

    man I wish I was in school! sounds like fun – maybe an opportunity for a smell garden, a garden of senses like they do for hospitals – plants to smell and feel..?
    How about a refuge…seems like drug rehab would need a place to be alone..not that i know anything about it!!!
    non-competitive game spaces – mazes?
    places that invite release of energy,like a great meadow, inviting a nice run….
    sound garden – a garden where one can use the landscape to produce sounds, (david byrne turning building into musical intstrument..)
    oh well, back to bmp for highways..

    William Sinclair

    What age are the patients? Is it for a specific type of addict? How does the center treat the various addictions? Do they incorporate horses in the rehabilitation?

    I think it would be a good idea to call up or visit a few different facilities and ask them for some ideas on programming elements that would be an extention of what they are trying to do with their program. One program may find that some outdoor exercise facilities would be helpful while another may think that a reflection pond fits better… perhaps both.

    I think that bringing in some of that background will give you the interest and depth you are after. As a student you can seek out a particular client, i.e., the one who has the most interesting treatment approach to you. You can then take what you glean from their approach, couple it with some some of your favorite and relevant ‘healing garden’ research, and away you go!

    What is the weather like at the rehab center location? Are there any cold/hot/humid weather conditions to consider? What is the scale of the facility?

    I think having a real location (even if it’s an imagined situation… just a real location) and responding to the needs of that place gives your project greater tangibility and interest.

    All the best!


    hi, tqvm for your replied. i really appreciate it..

    actually during my practical training, i’ve done a similar project. my principals told me that there are so many obstacle when designing landscape for drug rehab center. i.e to critically think about security (location of tree, any criminal possibilities cause by landscape elements), limitation of materials use (strictly avoid wooden materials), cautious when chosing plant material (avoid using drugs plants) etc..
    i think it is funny when these limitation results in putting only benches and shrub garden in the rehab center. i really dont want this to be happen in my design thesis..

    it is tropical weather, doesnt have any landscape elements or panoramic view. using medicine/chemicals are most common treatment method of this rehab center. this rehab is not for specific type of drug, alcoholics are excluded. age range of the patients: 20-50..


    hi, thank you for your opinion. its really nice to hear that ­čÖé
    but what is great meadow? its the 1st time i heard bout that..

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