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    ‘And don’t let this format limit your sense of freedom to speak your mind. The only rule is civility. Keep posting. Stirring the pot is always helpful.’


    Soo Wai-Kin

    Honestly, i feel there is no such thing as a demeaning job, an honest job for an honest pay is always a good thing, i have worked in a lot of sectors (public, private, non-profit) of multiple industries and what i see is a lack of respect for blue collar jobs and a lack of maturity in the ppl with blue collar jobs. This attitude contributed to the ever growing illegal immigration problem. Stop blaming illegals for ‘taking away jobs’. I have nothing but the utmost respect for ppl who work in a foreign country having to leave their families in order to feed them. I use to be one of them. The illegal issue is a supply and demand problem, hitherto, i have yet to see a news flash on the ‘huge fines levied on contractors’. If Americans would change their attitudes towards these ”demeaning jobs’ and lobby for living wages, the problem would not have elevated to this scale.

    White collar jobs are only spoken off as ‘where the money is’ and not about the ethics and responsibility that it comes with. Hiring illegals is a crime. Destroying life’s with financial gimmicks to me is a death sentence. I would prefer fines and sentences for white collar crimes to match and even exceed non-white collar crimes for the damage it does to society as a whole.

    I made it a point to learn every aspect of an industry i was ever involved in and increase efficiency in every job i ever had (including washing dishes at a bar). Job skills are job skills, if you take nothing out of your previous job as you progress with your future undertakings, you have already failed.

    ‘Living skills’ today are severely lacking with the younger generation today. When they have no respect for ‘demeaning jobs’, they end up taking everything for granted (especially financial responsibility and literacy) and i only have the parents to blame for that. Parents leave parenting to schools which is wrong and disastrous. Schools are for foundations in jobs/career skills. Parents are for morals and ethics.

    Kevin entering LA and perhaps saddling on more debt with school loans may not be the path to go in the long run (my wife was clueless about her career, and all she ended up with was debt). He is better off taking horticultural design and CAD/skecthup/3d max classes in a community college or working for a nursery to dip his toes in LA first before making the giant dive. If he wants to kick start his creativity, learn some design software, draw,paint, or sketch, if you have passion to do this on your own, you will succeed in LA.

    You do not need a GSD discovery center to tell you to sign up for more school debt in return for a piece of paper that does not translate to jobs. Most Harvard graduates I know could not hack it in the real work and end up teaching in Midwestern school to espouse theory.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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