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    Trace One

    Did someone already post this? Fun to think about, looking at the pictures..There was also an article about taking the old TAPPAN ZEE BRIDGE  (!!!) and turning it into a park, now they have decided to move ahead with a new bridge.

    Trace One


    you loose, Henry..This came out two days ago – it is proposal to re-use old bridge ‘instead of demolition’.

    A long shot, no doubt, many obstacles, as the blind man said in Oh Brother Where Art Thou,


    but I will take that cigar!

    : )

    Thomas J. Johnson

    The Design process has started for the Bloomingdale Trail in Chicago ( To attempt to recreate High Line would be a mistake. It is not the same site. Rather, it should set an example as a modern multi-modal connection between chicago’s neighborhoods and ultimately, the loop, it’s downtown district. The opportunity exists to create a variety of experiences and pocket parks along its length but unlike High Line, you should be able to ride a bike, jog or roller blade the route. 

    My “big idea” for the site is to create a 20+ person pedal-powered centipede bike that rides the rail. With two such contraptions they could go back and forth all day, just like a train, giving people free, clean (non-polluting), transportation between neighborhoods. It would be the first of it’s kind. Chicago is a city of firsts. 

    Tosh K

    Tappan Zee is ready to fall apart, the cost to make it structurally sound would be financially irresponsible.  I do like Atlanta’s Beltline project as it has a strategic vision to help distribute the civic resources as a system.


    I had a few classmates over the years that looked at doing a cycling machine that rode the rails, dunno if it’s more cost effective than a trail over longer less traveled stretches, but as a transitional use could be fantastic.

    Trace One

    If you read the article, Tosh, it says the cost of re-habing the Tappan Zee would be less than the cost of demolition..

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