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    Akram El Harraqui


    Does anyone know any international company that produces and sells fountain products (such as Crystal Fountains)? The fountain is located in a plaza for a resort project in Switzerland.





    mark foster


    Look at OASE, a German company.


    Akram El Harraqui

    Thank you Mark! Although it’s more residential oriented. I’m looking for waterjets for urban scale projects…


    mark foster

    Their website is very awkward.  It makes them appear all residential, but they have a division which produces and engineers what you are looking for:  urban scale components and systems  (pumps, led rings, dmx control systems, music sinc etc.).  

    They have a truly revolutionary 24 volt on-demand pump, which replaces the huge horsepower/magnetic valve fountain head systems which other firms use.  

    They are manufacturers, and prefer to work through distributors (at least here in the US), so you may contact them and find one who can help you navigate 


    Carlos Pissarra

    Hi Akram,


    We are fountain designers and builders w more than 3000 fountains (many sizes) installed.

    Good references, amazing product and post sales, extraordinary support to designers (images and virtaul videos) and a lot cheaper than CF, OASE or WET.

    Just take a look.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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