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    Aurelien LIUTKUS

    Hello Everybody ,

    Is there some other french Landscape Architect in the Lounge ?

    Best regards

    Aurélien Liutkus


    Hello Aurélien,

    I’m from belgium, working in spain, but french mother tongue…I really appreciate your work,
    and for the “natural swimmming pool” have you worked with a patented system?

    Cordially yours


    Aurelien LIUTKUS

    Thank you, I work with Chlorotech system, it is similar to ‘Biotech’ but better for the mediteranean
    The ‘Finca’ pictures are very nice too.
    Do you still use palms tree in the south of Spain ?
    We start to have many deceases on our palms, experts said that there will not any palms to survive
    on the french riviera in 20 years…




    Thanksm to you too, and for your info,

    I know Biotech, when I was in Belgium last year I meet people whose launched this activity and it seems to have a great success…I will check the other system, sure that I will find info on the web.
    They use a lot of palms here on Costa del Sol, since something like 2 years now a great disease affect Phoenix palm, the “picudo rojo” in spanish (larve de scarabe venant d’Egypte et ne connaissant pas de prédateur sur la côte, beatle’s larves, sorry for my english).

    Bye, have a nice day.


    Les Ballard


    If you are looking to talk about work in France, many should be happy to do so, not least in Britain since it is increasingly enjoying your climate – sometimes. Further, other European countries are bound to share problems associated with the EU politically and mother nature practically. If you are looking for someone to speak French with, however, then good luck as my grasp of your tongue is similar to that of a French 2 year-old (with a speech impediment). I was amused though, when discussing walking staves that have a honeysuckle twist, to find that the french for honeysuckle translates back as goat leaf. My vocabulary does at least continue to grow.

    In relation to palms, the changing climate will, of course, affect them and new strains may be needed. Unfortunately, there are few laboratories able to do that work and crossbreeding, even using hormones and cloning in a small nursery environment, takes too long. So – and this is really why I have replied to the thread – is it worth lobbying the EU for a tree and plant laboratory in the south of the continent? Here in the UK, Kew Gardens has many facilities but we lost our government lab. when Margaret Thatcher gave one years costs to set up the urban fringe community forests and cut off funding to the lab. thereafter. It was £26 million a year in those days, but any one new tree strain may then have cost just £250k more. Commercially, that price would now rise to many millions and a new Dutch Elm Disease, or Oak AIDS, could be a disaster on a global scale. (A commercial laboratory is available but is not tree specific or Europe oriented.) What does everyone think? Would it be like spitting in the wind to try for this?

    Luv n Lite, (and Salutations)

    Les Ballard

    Cendra Ramirez

    Hi Aurélien,

    I am from Toulouse, but I have been working in San Diego, CA for the last 8 years.
    what software are you using for your photo sim… pretty nice!
    How is the economy in France right now?

    Talk to you soon,

    Aurelien LIUTKUS

    Hello Cendra,
    On utilise Photosahop, Indesign, 3dmax, skecth up en général,
    Les français sont plutôt maussades niveau consommation,
    mais 90 % de mes clients sont étrangers, les anglais ont ralentu leurs projets depuis ce pri,temps,
    mais il nous reste les russes heureusement.
    Comment se passe le rêve américain ? ça doit être asssez génial de bosser en Californie non ?



    Goustan BODIN

    Hi Aurelien, 

    I’m a French LA working in Asia, I settled in Thailand for good in 2006. I checked your website and liked what I saw, keep it up !


    Ernst Glaeser

    Have a look at my folio picture. This is the devil, also called Red Palm Weevil. The eggs are laid into holes made by the Oryctis elegance – Rhino Beetle. Reg Ernst

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