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    Ryan A. Waggoner

    just to update everyone, we’ve had a couple great chat sessions the last few weeks that alot of people have made it to.  i’m not sure the schedule over the holidays as the next two fall on christmas and new years eve’s, and i doubt many if any would be able to make it.  but i wanted to thank all that have been involved with the topic subjects and making a great new friday tradition!

    Chris Carpenter

    An interesting project would be to design a great public park on Alameda Point in Northern California. The peninsula which was formally military property will be cleared for development in about five years. Recently city voters have rejected a proposal from a developer to commercialize the area. I believe city officials want to turn the area into a wildlife refuge. Transforming the area into a public park would be an amazing use of the space. The geography of the site allows for a precedent study of Stanley Park in Vancouver. Alameda Point offers beautiful views of the bay and San Francisco and has the potential to become an amazing gem of Landscape Architecture. How this project would get funded (city, state or corporation) is a bit of question, but for those with the means and motivation, I hope this opportunity is recognized.

    Alice M

    Morning! I expect a lot of you are still fast asleep but, I am an LA student new to this site and I would like to start a discussion about professional practice. Seems like there is a really wide international community of bloggers here so would love to be able to get some opinions from you! This is actually part of my research for an essay….I am trying to investigate ways that we (in the UK) could really improve things for L.A. Should we be re-vamping our contract documents and bring them up to date? how could we improve the tendering process to make it more likely that we make some profit whilst ending up with a QUALITY design scheme? Is it the LI that is the problem?! Can we take precedent from the States or other countries’ professional practice?


    Without hijacking the friday chat sessions I hope that this could start some kind of discussion!




Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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