Green Roof Irrigation

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    Geoffrey Campbell

    I’m in the conceptual design process and thinking about using Green roofs on a couple of the structures proposed on the site. The structures will likely be fitted either entirely or partially with vegetated roofs. I’ve read many different articles stating many different things about the success of the plants, and the amount of irrigation required. I guess people typically specify different varieties of Sedum as the main plant material, but how much irrigation, if any is typically required? And are there other plant materials that are known to be just as successful with or without irrigation. If irrigation is thought to be necessary for extended periods of time, it is likely that we will propose a cistern (sizing it is the source of all these questions)to handle the job. Any knowledge or experience with these matters would be most appreciated. Thanks!


    To try to answer the irrigation side of the question, most likely you would need at the very minimum a temporary irrigation system to get things established. The need for irrigation after establishment really depends on the plant selection and overall roof design.

    Jason Collett

    I agree with Marc’s reply. You really do need to seriously consider your species selection well, and what function those species are required for ie. filtration of pollutants or filtration for reduction of roof run-off and stormwater flow reduction etc.
    Endemic species in relation to your site is perhaps your first area of research…then consider the exposure to climatic changes due a roof setting – no shelter or minimal shelter from other structures.

    Good luck with your green roof development!

    András Béla Oláh

    Use Hedera! 🙂

    Burcu Tiryaki

    You can use ondugreen system at the roof. It also saves water in that egg thing and let you use that water by evaporation again..You may check it from (see acrobat reader)But it also gives different types of Sedum as an example you’ll see..
    I made a flat type roof garden and watered it with irrigarion pipes (with holes in every 40cm) with separated valve.So I could controll the water. After a short time plants covered the pipes so you don’t see them now.I used mesembryanthemum and verbena. They also work in roof gardens.

    Burcu Tiryaki

    About irrigation firstly you have to tell us about the angle of the roof. Is it flat or slopy?if its sloopy use parallel dripper lines through the ground. use a Q16cm small valve before each dripper line so you can controll the water..if water is much be sure that it falls..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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