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    Mark Sanford

    I know this maybe a silly question, but I am in the process of rendering a couple of perspectives for a memorial garden. I am using a free standing green screen as a wall and an entrance, that will have raised letters on it. I am looking for advice on the bestway to render this, as everything i am doing looks like crap!… Any advice will be highly appreciated. Thanksgreen screen render


    Mark Sanford

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Have you tried inverting the light/dark on the green screen? I think it would make the composition read better as well… make the screen dark, a different pattern than the adjacent shrubs, and make the letters light. Everything else in the drawing can stay the same. It will make the entryway draw the viewer into the space and the lettering will stand out better…


    So you’re not intending the screen to be covered with leaves eventually?  No vines growing on it?

    Wes Arola, RLA

    build it in sketchup, then use brushes and copies of layers in photoshop for the foliage on the screen. sketchup will also model your lettering.


    Have you considered that it may not be the rendering?


    We had an instructor that used to tell us to consider the design when we just cant get the rendering to look ‘right.’ Also, composition is important. Your composition looks pretty rigid. Is this really the ideal view of your design?

    Doug Prouty

    Definitely do it in sketch up.  Easy program to learn and mixing it with photoshop creates a nice composition.

    Jon Quackenbush

    Agreed on all fronts Nick. 


    Mark, the image of your design does not flatter at all, I’d try skewing the view to either the right or the left showing the depth and length of the wall and if you have things growing, this will partially hide the letters, which would be a nice touch…

    If you render this is sketchup, use late or early day sun position, as it casts longer and more dramatic shadows…

    Jeff Simutis

    Mark – The view is a matter of what you’re trying to show, and it looks like there’s a need to see beyond the green screen and show the actual memorial.  Assuming that’s the case, the same rules apply (perspective or elevation).  You’ll need a good value scale, and a reliable method for using it.  If you’ve got Photoshop, there are some great brushes you can play around with to get the look you’re after for the foliage – I rarely use Photoshop any more for illustrations, so if you’d like the brushes, the ABR file may be small enough to email to you.  I thought I’d try a shot at it for your reference.  My version takes the view at an angle, but if you’ve got any questions or would like help, just shoot me an email.  Good luck –


    Nice Jeff.


    Hi, I would try to do it with just autocad and photoshop

    I think that making good renders for landscape projects is really difficult and usually the results are not good

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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