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    What is the purpose of Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc. for designing landscapes? I use AutoCAD, DynaScape and SketchUp to design, and typically hand render everything. I’ve seen YouTube videos of Photoshop being used to render plans that were developed in CAD, and so I can see how Photoshop would come in handy, and I am just starting to learn Photoshop. However, I’m not familiar with some of these other programs. Just about every job posting I see is looking for someone who knows how to use all of these programs. Do landscape architects really use all of these programs on a regular basis? Besides rendering, what for? Any good links to YouTube videos (or other) that show how some of these programs are used for landscape architecture?


    Illustrator: Used for assembling large/small scale plans, renderings etc. Transforms images into high res vector graphics which are scalable.

    Photoshop:  Used for marketing graphics, renderings, illustrations, photo manipulations.  Essential for any LA professional.  Learn it.

    InDesign:  Used for multi-page, color documents such as HOA guidelines, arch guidelines, portfolios, pamphlets, brochures and layout design.

    Acrobat Writer: Used for creating pdf’s of nearly everything.  Essential for any firm.

    LA firms use most if not all of these programs and more.

    Tosh K

    lllustrator – illustrative refining of vector (line) graphics, diagramming

    InDesign – sheet/book layout; learn to use spell check well.

    Photoshop – manipulation of raster images (often photos/renderings)

    Acrobat – PDF document refinement/presentation; allows for “slideshows” of pdfs, which when created in InDesign allows for more control and refinement than powerpoint.

    Adobe split up the functions among their design suite over the years (there used to be more overlap 10 yrs ago), so knowing what each is good at is important (e.g. Illustrator files become unstable with too much text and images; images should be set up in Photoshop and text added in InDesign).

    we use all of the above.

    Any number of 3d software can give you the bones for a nice walk/fly through with a decent rendering engine; I’m partial to Rhino b/c it’s good at complex surfaces.

    Johannes Strass

    hey, I usually use Photoshop for rendering of hand drawings or to manipulate the look of cad drawings
    Beside that I use InDesign for creating Layouts

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