How much to get paid for teaching your knowledge? (architecture graphics)

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    Thank you richard, I agree with you. 

    Thanks for your opinion!


    Sounds reasonable.  To the OP, would you also provide training material for them to keep?  

    Trace One

    you still didn’t answer – where do you set the number, andrew?


    Thank you Trance One, Helps me a lot!


    Good advise, thank you again!

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    “I’d do a couple of local trade or professional groups for free to generate and gage interest. Then go from there if I thought that teaching was a good way to make or supplement a living. That is a marketing investment of time rather than doing something for free”

    I would assess the value …. just like I do for design fees.

    Andrew Spiering

    Hey David,

    Jumping in kind of late in the discussion.  You’ve already received a lot of great advice, so assuming you’re open to a little more – here are my two cents.

    It is awesome that you have some demand for your work and expertise in architectural graphics.  I wouldn’t worry about charging the right amount at this point.  The ‘right’ amount really comes down to how much someone will actually pay.  So, I would just be upfront and ask them. Crazy, right?  

    Focus on developing your personal brand (ie. your name : expertise) and use the opportunity to gain experience teaching your craft. Then leverage it to get your name out there even more, so it can lead you to your next gig.  The money will come later. 

    Also, never be afraid to share your expertise – even for free.  Sharing your work and knowledge is the best marketing around.  Hence, the purpose of Land8 🙂

    Hope this helps!


    Hi Andrew,

    Again, thanks a lot for your advises. I agree with you that I don’t have to worry to share my expertise even for free. I’ve made my reputation by doing it for free time to time, and sharing some tips.

    I’m this kind of guy that love to share and help people, this is why it’s sometime hard for me to make peope pay the full price.

    See you around, 


Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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