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    Wes Arola, RLA

    We are working on a project of which the sports fields are being compromised due to the litter from geese. Are there any “friendly” deterrents you all are aware of? sorry, no to shotguns.


    There’s no companies with trained border collies to chase them off in your area? They use them at a lot of airports in the northeast. CA Geese are tough birds. Go near their nest when they have eggs or goslings, and they’ll chase YOU away.

    Wes Arola, RLA

    we found a product. thanks!

    I was hoping to get paid over time to head out there on a sunday morning with my shotgun and a six pack oh well..

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Grape flavored grass!? The geese might not like it but it sounds delicious to me…

    Jason T. Radice

    I heard grape Kool-Aid does the same thing. Its more the smell than the taste (birds can’t taste too well, as evidenced by squirrel repelant in bird-feed…hot pepper flakes). This was a long time ago, but I heard that one project in Boston was rid of bird nesting by placing grape Kool-Aid around the ledges where they were nesting. It supposedly worked, and the concentrated artificial flavor is what did the trick. I imagine hosing the area down with grape soda would work, too, and can make an interesting trial. You do have to reapply it when it gets wet and washes away, but it’s cheap.

    Trace One

    Border collies are the best for big areas – golf courses in virginia use to good effect – plus you are giving a couple of dogs a good job..Geese cannons were used in the Hamptons, but man they piss off the neighbors..hee..

    The rejexis product sounds expensive and weird. Why introduce one more human applied chemical to the world.
    And of course, DON’T round them up and kill them..That was done in Prospect Park recently, 400 geese gassed by Fish and wildlife Dept. to keep them out of the flyway of the airports..big public outcry,and more geese moved in…
    They are REALLY messy..Pond at my boarding school was ABSOLUTELY disgusting in the 30 foot poop-zone around its edges..Really unusable..But seems like there must be some good use for this processed product, also – what about carefully collecting it, every day, and selling it as fertilizer – good job for some homeless people?

    Why can’t we develop a product that keeps animals away from railroads and roads to reduce roadkill? Something with paint, a smell – like rejexis, I geuss..Would rejexis keep Moose (meeces?) off the roads and train traks?

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    Gillette Stadium uses real stuffed coyotes to keep both the Canadian and Canada Geese of other national origins off of the practice fields. It must work because they’ve used them for several years now.

    In fact I saw one being used in a waterside park in my town earlier this year (when I pulled over to check it out because I thought it was real). That was a fake coyote and I don’t know how effective it is. I know that fake owls become ineffective after a short while.

    Rob Halpern

    The grape extract has been researched and found reasonably effective for Canada geese. It is taste-based, not smell. There are other taste-based repellents, of course, but they must be matched to the species one wants to repel. What works for deer does not usually work for rabbits, etc.

    As to roadkill, if we run a road or rail through natural wildlife corridors, we cannot expect the wildlife to accept our boundaries. Bear underpasses have been successful in many places…but animals like deer, geese, etc. would never use them.

    Trace One

    Is that the end of that thought on roadkill, Rob? My point is, we can look at a cancer cell forming, but we haven’t spent one second of time on research on what can keep animals out of roadways and traintracks..I am sure you read about the seven elelphants run over by a train in India last week – two babies got caught in the tracks, and the adults gathered around the babies to save them.

    The wildlife underpass/overpass thing is at least thirty years old..In the Central Valley, that ‘mitigation measure’ has been value engineered down to little weepholes left in the concrete median barriers to let the kit fox go through… As if the poor guys can get through eight lanes of traffic..

    I just get upset at the imbalance in attention to the natural world..I geuss one could see the whole CEQR review process as an attempt to deal with wildlife habitat – change the course of the road, or don’t build the road at all, although I NEVER see that happening – whole CEQR thing is just a rubber stamp, as far as my experience is…..
    Oh well..
    Just random ramblings..
    I LOVE the idea of a stuffed coyote to keep the geese away..

    Rob Halpern

    Not an end…just an overview of what has been working and what has been researched as far as I know. These are issues I try to keep up with.
    The rail in India that has killed so many elephants is criminal.
    The new highway through the Serengeti will be another.

    Thomas Jump

    They have something like this out at the Colorado Rapids soccer complex. I forget exactly what they were- some type of coyote statue that they were using as “scare crows”.

    Les Ballard

    Airports use bird scarers consisting large birds of prey – they come round couple times during daylight and exercise their eagle owl, eagle or whatever. They should be in pages under pest control. Alternatively own and train own eagle. I always wanted an andean condor the only bird in the world to deliberately attack light aircraft. However i considered that going round with that on my shoulder id develop a list! As an alternative those aircraft resembling pteranodons seem fun.

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