How to masterplan a multi-purpose orphanage/school facilitiy?

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    Kind of like the “orphanage” in Slumdog Millionaire? Gouging eyes out so they make more effective beggars?

    Thomas J. Johnson

    How are they going to draft for us if the don’t have eyes…?

    Les Ballard

    Study the Alhambra in Spain and the mathematical / non human designs in it.  Many books have been written on this and similar Moorish architecture and will offend no party.  From the arrangement of buildings to a screen piercing the Muslim based design ideas can inspire you, hopefully.  As chaos can lead to order, in modern physics, so chaos can come from order – especially when you introduce young people.  I would suggest going a long way down and ensuring this area is earthquake proofed, has water storage aplenty below ground as well as at ground level and look at the gardens of the Turkish and Arabian palaces from days gone by.  These can be at various levels.  You though will have less horse muck to dig in so use the product from the petting zoo for the roses after sufficient maturing lol.  In any event, you need a lot of partially dug-in sheds, etc. for storage, waste, changing for sport and other uses, fire-proofed.  You need to study too the excellent ablution facilities needed for all those religions reflected in the worship plans.   


    The fabric designs from Iran and Afghanistan through Pakistan to India are peculiar to families or clans.  They are often centuries old and are used on everything from prayer mats through carpets to saris and scarves.  The less tied-up designs may also inspire you and, again, ethnic designs are recorded in books and at museums like the Victoria and Albert museum and in items themselves in places like the Brighton Pavilion.  Some things can no longer be made even for millions of coins.  If this post was a hoax, as someone suggests, I hope to have given ideas to some folk in a positive way. 


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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