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    David Anderson

    I am curious to know if anyone has experience or advice about working in Europe, or finding partners to work with on projects in Europe. I am a landscape architect in Oregon, USA but may be moving to Europe in the next 5-10 years and want to practice there. I am a member of ASLA and am a LEED AP.
    Thanks for your insite.


    I am interested in this as well because my husband may be relocated to Paris. I do speak conversational French but have heard it is very difficult for Americans to find work in France. I am thinking of trying to do an internship for an international firm or spend my time there as developing a series of drawings, paintings, and design.

    Dominic Esser

    Hey David,
    Working in Europe (Germany for me) is quite different than what I have known to be working here on the West Coast. I did a summer Internship back in 2000 at a Landscape Architecture Firm in Duesseldorf Germany and it was a lot of fun. The people there were really nice and also very understanding being that that was my first office job. Then off course there was the whole language barrier. I am a native German, however it is quite different trying to work in AutoCadd in a different language…however you get into the swing of things fast.
    Where are you thinking of moving to? If you are wanting to look at the firm I worked for, their name is BW&P Landscape Architects. Here is their website


    Glenn Arthur

    Hi David, Our company is doing extensive marketing in Europe this year and we are receiving amazing responses to our Design and Manufacturing Services and Products. There are some great trade web sites that attract the attention of European Corporations who are involved in specifying and designing for the European Architectural and Landscape/ Construction Industries. One of them is . This site gets between 1.5 and 2 million unique visitors a month and they have over 500,000 trade subscribers to their newsletters . Their Newsletters are sent out in 5 languages. They do charge for their services, but in our opinion they are worth every cent . I am also getting up to speed on my high school French and want to open a French office in the next two years . I will use France as the gateway to Europe for our company’s products and services. Best of Luck . Kind regards Glenn

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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