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    Mona Amendt

    I’m a student from germany and I’d like to go to the USA next winter for an Internship. Can anyone please give me a tip were I could do it?


    Opportunities are available in may large market cities in America. We have Hired two individuals in the past, one from England and one from Spain. What are your areas of skill and what do you hope to get out of the experiance?


    Many of the larger firms still have summer intern ‘programs’ available to students or those just out of school. I did the Design Workshop program. Many of the programs are very competitive to get into, but offer a little more in terms of experience. We did a charette in Asheville and it was a blast.

    Some firms that come to mind with internships are sasaki, design workshop, edaw (used to) name very few.

    Mona Amendt

    Thanks for your answers.
    Well I have the opportunity to go to a foreign country to do my internship.
    And I thought I could do this in the US because I love it to be there. 🙂
    The internship has to be from october till february. By then I have a two years apprenticeship.
    I could send an application with some of my works to firms who are interested to take an intern.
    My hopes of the experiance are to see how professionals do the job as landscape architect and learn some more things from her oder him. Also just the fact of beeing in a foreign country for so long is a huge adventure and I’d love to do it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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