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    July 7, 2019……Once again, let’s look at the LAND 8 “Job Board”. 95% of the jobs
    are located in places like California, New York, CT., Washington State, etc. Only a couple of jobs are in locations where the cost of living is reasonable and where there are no State Income Taxes.

    People and corporations are leaving both California & New York…big time. I mean, look at all of the problems…especially in Southern California with homelessness and major housing shortages. Add forest fires, mud slides, high taxes, ridiculous cost of living, high gasoline prices and don’t forget earthquakes.

    I STILL maintain, “location” where you are employed as an LA is important to consider.

    For me, I always looked at “everything” in a city/state before I would consider interviewing with an LA firm. Even things like weather, politics, entertainment activities available, just everything.

    There ARE many other Job Boards….like and many others. I would recommend checking other job boards out as well…for some better job options (locations).


    July 19th…..again, looking at the LAND 8 job board today. 95% of the LA job openings are in locations like California, CT., New York…high cost of living and high state income tax states. I see a few jobs located in Florida…but, you have to be aware that the State of Florida requires a pretty challenging “State of Florida Landscape Architecture Exam”…in order to become a licensed LA in that State. Of course, there are TONS of other Job Boards on the Internet…maybe those have more favorable “locations” for LA jobs.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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