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    Edward Flaherty

    Try this.

    The next time you step outdoors to take a walk, imagine you see indoors and outdoors according to these Landscape Architecture Corollaries:

    Corollary 1. In the beginning there was one: landscape.  Landscape harbored danger for humans.

    Corollary 2. Humans constructed shelters.  Then there were two: landscape, and, the shelters in the landscape.

    Corollary 3. And today still, humans essentially move through the landscape from shelter to shelter.

    Corollary 4. Architecture is shelter.

    Corollary 5. Landscape is everything else in which the shelters sit.

    Corollary 6. Landscape Architecture is the dramatic craft concerning the quality of experience, during the movement of humans from shelter to shelter through the landscape.

    Then when you come back indoors, ask yourself about the quality of your walk, according to those Landscape Architecture Corollaries.

    Might be fun?!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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