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    Dei Jo

    Yes I have thank-you. It has a lot of good information. Thanks ūüôā


    Lisa Jackson

    I think you visit landscape designer Los Angeles. They give you the best suggestion about this.


    See if you can get a head start by learning the computer programs LAs use. And take up photography, it helps you “see”.


    Just go with what your heart says. Both architecture, and landscape architecture are undoubtedly great fields to pursue your career provided that you have all the desirable qualities to become a promising architect like creative thinking, innovative ideas, thinking out of box, etc. 

    Dave McCorquodale

    Landscape architecture is better, of course!  Kidding aside, Kansas State was set up such that all design disciplines went through the same first year program.  Toward the end, each college pitched their program to the 1st year students and we headed off down our respective paths.  I presume that most schools do this, but if a school has a strong program in only one or the other then I understand your asking now.

    BTW, one of the greatest attributes of Landscape Architecture is its diversity.  Not all of us end up in the niche we thought we would, but have a fulfilling career.  Salaries probably vary much more than in Architecture thanks to the diversity of work.  Good luck whichever you choose,


    Rick Spalenka

    It is still ugly out there.  Around here anyways.  Half the LAs I know locally are not doing what they were doing 5 years ago and the other half are lying.  The architects are hurting as bad.  The best news is that the architects have time to talk to you now and get to know you.  We are all in this sinking boat together.


    Find yourself a college where the arch and LA schools go hand in hand. Some schools put LA in the Agriculture school. Some put it in an environmental design school.

    My college put LA in the School of Architecture. This gave us a lot of opportunity to mix and match and will give you the opportunity to explore both sides. I have plenty of friends who double majored in the two.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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