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    Andrew Spiering

    This is an article by two of our members that I think is very important for all desingers and office dwellers to consider…
    They give, “three strategies… to continually develop skills that lead to great design.” One being, Design charettes. “Charettes not only produce many design options to evaluate, but they also draw on the strengths and experiences of each contributor.” Secondly, they suggest Academia as, “a great resource for design professionals who find their design solutions stifled by actual projects with real clients and budgets. Playing an active role at universities or community colleges can benefit design professionals by inspiring them as designers and bettering their design communication skills.” The third strategy is making regular Nursery Visits. “Design offices can stay current with new nursery developments and trends with regular visits to local nurseries. Not only will regular field trips to a nursery introduce designers to new plants, but also they will reinforce the seasonal changes to plants they are already familiar with.

    I would include regular Site Visits, as well. Any time a designer can make regular site visits in the initial phases, and especially during construction, will prove to be invaluable. I have learned a great deal and gained confidence in my designs when I have visited sites before, during, and after construction.
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