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    Chad Shaw

    Looking for recommendations for software that will assist in estimating complete site development projects, including cut/fill calcs, drainage, paving, grading, planting, etc.  We have yet to try any in particular, and from what I see, there are plenty of programs out there…I’m curious about whether or not there is any kind of general consensus out there regarding any of them. 

    Links to QuickBooks and Excel would be important features.



    Land FX does some of that.  I’m not sure exactly what it all does, but I know it does planting, irrigation, etc.

    Eric Gilbey

    Chad, I think there have been other discussions regarding estimation software suggestions, but I’ll throw these your way, just in case I’m wrong. If you are looking for design/build related estimation software that utilizes assemblies for the materials you would be quantifying and turning around for a proposal to build said design, Include Software’s Censeo, and more comprehensively, Asset will certainly do this. As a matter of design software that speaks to software like this to extend the workflow from design to estimates to proposals and invoices, you may also look at Vectorworks Landmark. You can do the quantity estimates (and preliminary pricing) with their objects, such as plants, hardscapes, landscape areas, site model (for cut and fill), and other objects. Sounds like you need an application that involves worksheet capabilities that can harvest the materials you are specifying and that would certainly happen with Vectorworks Landmark.

    Matthew Stubbs

    There are 2 programs I have seen used a great deal by Contractors both Landscape an just contractors in general.  The first one is On Screen Takeoff or OST made by Oncenter Software.  It is the most pricey option but it is a really good program and comes with training software and once you purchase you can set up an online training session with one of their instructors so you can ask any questions you might have.  The only problem is you are looking at about $3,000 dollars for the software and that is only one license.  You can break it up into 3 payments if that works better for you.  The other takeoff software is through IsqFT, which is a site where a lot of general contractors will post plans and project information for subs to download and make bids off of them.  They have a take off program on their website that is pretty useful and is comparable to OST, if I remeber correctly it is just called IsqFT takeoff.  It is a little cheaper but as I understand it you just pay them fee every year for the software.  Both are good programs and have either 15 day or 30 day trial available.  But beware if you sign up for a trial you will get annoying calls from a salesperson wanting to know how the trial is going and if you are happy with the software and looking to purchase it.  Another good thing about both is that you don’t need a CAD file to do the takeoff.  All you need are PDF’s or any image file really of the construction documents and the programs use the size of the sheet along with the scale of the drawing to scale it so that all of your area and volume calculations come out correctly.  I would definetly suggest getting the trial version first of each and see if the software does exactly what you are looking for it to do.  You can also find reviews online of the 2 as well.  I hope this helps you in your search.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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