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    andrea valdez

    Hi, we just moved to a new villa last month. It is so beautifully built in cottage style with a beautiful backyard. We spend our evenings there. While surfing I saw the website of one of the commercial landscaping contractors in Calgary that create beautiful landscape ideas. We need to have a simple but rich looking landscape with a small waterfall. Could you please suggest me some ideas or plans? As I am new here, it would be a great help if you mention the names of some reasonable contractors.


    Warren Knegt

    You can hire professional landscape contractor who is well experienced in landscaping services and good reputation over the market. I have heard more about a landscape contractor who is well known for his attention to detail and being on site

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    I don’t understand this at all. This is a website for Landscape Architects. The original poster states that she is a professional, makes a few comments on other threads, and then posts this homeowner in search of help thread.

    …. with a link in it. Not looking for websites hits by any chance?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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