Large Patio Tree 25-35′ – Seasonal Interest – Will be in tree grates – Modesto Area – Any Suggestions?

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    Wes Arola, RLA

    Shaded picnic area…

    Tanya Olson

    I’ve always loved the way Mimosa Trees look when blooming. Can’t remember what they look like in the fall, but they have a nice structure for a patio tree. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a specimen Live Oak, though I don’t know how well they do in Modesto….a specimen Olive! ooh. Or Magnolia, Gleditsia, could you grow Jacaranda?

    Did you lose your Sunset Western Garden book or something?

    Wes Arola, RLA

    just looking for some plant material which is a bit different with some seasonality and interest to set the project aside from others


    Rachael Strickland

    Mimosa trees are terribly invasive as well.

    Trace One

    How about Katsura’s – I love them, they have a beautiful form, beautiful leaf, they can be pruned  nicely to fit the tight spot as they grow, and they are pretty tough, hard to kill..

    I also like Gingkos, but bosc’s  of Gingkos is from the Seventies, IMHO, and makes it look seventies!

    Hee hee!

    Trace One

    Katsura is good in Modesto, Henry..Cercis canadensis out here are Cercis Occidentalis, and they somehow have none of the charm of our east coast redbud, IMHO..They are tough-looking where our redbud is so delicate and beautiful..Same flower color,but  it is the dry toughness that I dislike, whereas the east coast is a graceful delicate plant that gets better in it’s native spots – dark and wet…

    There are some really nice redbuds on the U Penn campus, if they are still there..


    I also like to put big canopy trees in small spaces..The katsura likes to be pruned, as far as I know..

    It is all just taste, and de gustibus non disputandum est, as we all know, huh, Henry?


    I’m just impressed as hell that you are able to find a client with a budget for large trees in MODESTO!

    How about the Modesto Ash?  Nah, probably gets to big for what you want.  Used a lot of those in Las Vegas.  Amazing heat tolerance.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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