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    I just passed the LARE and since I am a glutton for punishment I was looking at getting the LEED ND+C Certification. However, the GBCI just released their new certification called AP Sites. I am confused as to whether sites is apart of the usgbc or is the GBCI something different?
    I currently have the LEED Green Associate so it would be easier to jump up to the ND+C designation but I am concerned that I won’t get to use it much.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    Thank you


    From what I can see its a separate accreditation. So you can be LEED GA + Sites AP VS LEED ND. I might be wrong though. 


    Daniel Kovach

    SITES is specific to the site (from the building skin out) and can apply to projects that would not be certifiable in LEED such as parks, streetscape and similar.  Go to sustainable sites to find out more.  Especially review the pilot certified projects.


    That’s what it seems like to me too.


    Thank you!


    I have LEED ND, and thought that process was much more difficult. When I took it I had to purchase a course that gave me experience in a LEED project. SITES just required the exam, which was not difficult if you have a history of working with or studying sustainability principles. I would say LEED ND is more allied to planning and community, whereas SITES is more allied to landscape and environment.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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