Long-lived, Low Water Groundcovers

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    Richard Joaquin

    Any recommendations for a groundcover, with proven success, for the California East Bay Area (Temps range from 90+ to 20ish fahrenheit)? Looking for something long-lived, low-water, evergreen and staying around 12″ in height… problems with most groundcovers in this threshold prove to be short-lived, turn woody or have inconsistent coverage.

    Thanks for any help!! 


    Goustan BODIN

    – can plants be shorter than 12″ (like 4-8 ?)

    – soil characteristics ?

    – shade or not ?

    – competition around (ie trees, shrubs…)

    – aesthetics ? (trimmed, shrubby, ‘natural’ etc)

    – foliage/flowers (large, small, color…)

    – maintenance frequency ?

    Richard Joaquin

    Goustan, thanks for trying to dive deeper. However, I feel like the list is pretty small for a groundcover with the given criteria. Any you can think of would be helpful, whether they are less than 12″ or shade/sun, etc. I appreciate your help.

    Tyson Carroll

    Salvia Bee’s Bliss

    Baccharis ‘Pigeon Point’

    Some of the Arctostaphylos species

    Mahonia repens (part sun/shade)

    Some of the low growing Zauschneria but aesthetically need to be cut down every year before spring

    The cotoneaster mentioned in this thread is also a good choice. 

    Some will depend on the characteristics of the site as asked in this thread as well. 

    Richard Joaquin

    Toby, thanks for your reply. Both of these are on my radar. 

    Goustan BODIN

    Not sure this one grows in your neck of the woods :

    Trachelospermum asiaticum

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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