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    Jonathan Nelsen

    Hi all,
    Does anyone know of any projects that involved the use of space under the highway? I am working on an urban site and one of the corners that acts as a gateway from the neighboring community is under an elevated interstate. I found this site which is very interesting but not quite what I had in mind:
    Anyone worked with something like this before?

    Thanks much,
    Jonathan Nelsen


    u may like2 check this one, its actually a park design with motor way overpass, could nt b the kind u after though….

    Chris Whitis

    Mission Creek Park in San Francisco is something you should check out. It was covered recently in LAM and here are some photos we have on sitephocus.com – Mission Creek Park

    This month’s LAM has a feature on a new park/ greenway in Houston under a highway system.

    Andrew Spiering

    Check out Walter Hood’s “Splash Pad Park” in Oakland – http://www.wjhooddesign.com/splashpad.html

    David Jerke

    We have done a few skate park plazas under highways and overpasses. Check the following:


    This one is in St. John’s, NB


    Bob Luther

    Very cool examples, I have seen more use of underpasses for parking and storage of road maintenance vehicles and supplies, but with enough light and knowledge of its existence, and usable space could definitely be developed.

    Kellan Vincent

    While I was not involved in the design phases of the project, on a cross country motorcycle trip I came upon this skate park while wandering around Manhattan. I completely loved how a normally unused space became an obvious ‘home’ for many of the kids in the area. All takes place under the on-ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Here are a few of my photos…

    *please do not distribute or use for any uses other than personal reference*

    -k. vincent

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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