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    Natalie Ross

    I am working on a resort design in Texas, and am having a hard time finding examples of a street-scape that seems “luxurious”.  Can anyone think of some streets that are both pedestrian friendly and resort-like?

    Jordan Lockman

    Have you seen many of the new outdoor malls(I am thinking of Maple Grove, MN)? Designed with street scapes that have pavers, fountains, extensive plantings, concert venue, firepits, music. Just a thought. That concept probably works better in TX than in MN. Is this a school project or have you graduated already?

    Natalie Ross

    Jordan – I forgot about the maple grove mall, that might be a good start.  Thanks for the suggestion.   I graduated in the spring, and I’m working for WATG in Seattle.

    Chris Whitis

    Here are some pics of a high-end retail development in Austin called the Domain that might be what you’re looking for.  It has some nice boardwalk areas integrated around existing trees that give it a nice touch.

  – The Domain

    Leslie B Wagle

    Walter Hood Assoc. presented some slides of his work that included a street upgrade in a talk I attended last month. I think he said it was Powell Street in San Francisco. In a quick look I couldn’t find any photos on the web but maybe that office could help you. I don’t know if you would say it was “resort” looking but he said they tried for a decorative but urban treatment…kind of had a sleek look with modern folded metal in the seating, bike stands, etc.

    Clayton Munson

    Kierland Commons and Scottsdale Quarter are both projects in Scottsdale AZ that are both close pedestrian and vehicular interactions.


    Are you looking for a small enclosed area that has only minor roads? All I know of are some retail developments. 

    An idea of a major road streetscape would be Post Oak Drive in Houston. It runs through the Gallaria area of the city and it has really cool stainless steel signs and structures to create a sense of place as well as amazing seasonal plantings. 

    If you are in the Dallas area make your way to Allen and see Watters Creek,, they have a really cool set up but few roads. 

    Another one in the Dallas area is the Villages at Fairview,, it has a good deal more roads running through it and has some really unique community envolment for a retail development. 


    Oops so its not Post Oak Drive but Post Oak Boulevard. 

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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