Must-see projects in NYC?

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    John Black

    So I’ll be in NYC this summer, with little kids in tow, and just a few hours to see what I want to see: the best of the best built landscape architecture projects. I’m guessing this includes Central Park (duh) and the High Line; If you live in New York or know the city, what else must I not miss? Thank you!


    I always liked the parks and promenade along Battery Park City for more contemporary LA work and there are some cool memorials, like the one for the Irish Potato Famine. The area is more kid-friendly too, with playgrounds, fewer sketchy characters.

    Jodie Lustgarten

    Also in Battery Park City and very close to the Potato Famine memorial (which is pretty cool) is Teardrop Park (Van Valkenberg) and has play features for kids. If you only have a few hours you might focus on Central Park or the High Line.. you can easily spend hours at either.

    John Phipps

    One of my favorites is Paley Park on E. 53rd St. Small, easy to walk right by and miss. A nice place to sit down and get away from the hustle and bustle for a bit. Have a snack and listen to the water. Designed by Zion and Breen and built in the 1960s.

    John M. Slinski

    Go to Battery Park City (near the old WTC). You’ll be right near the water (Hudson River) and there is a very lengthy promenade. There are numerous little parks. In the area is the Irish famine site and Teardop Park.

    Ryland Fox

    Definitely Paley Plaza. Zion did the island that the statue of liberty is on also, it is quite nice. plus that boat ride isn’t bad. Any of M Paul Freidberg’s stuff you can get to.

    Lee Attinger

    If you’re with your kids then you should check out Valkenburg’s Tear Drop Park. Went there on a landscape trip in college and the slides were SW-EET. Parents were scrambling to grab their children as full grown men (aka over served landscape students) took over the playground for a half hour. Good times. Hudson River Park was pretty cool as well.

    Trace One

    too many – you have to extend your stay! Bike through Central, or you will never see it – Prospect Park is a way better design, but you have to get out to Brooklyn,(also must bike through to see whole thing), Paley Park really famous, the High Line, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, from Brooklyn to Manhattan, one of my favorite things in the world to do..central park zoo was redesigned and is really fun zoo, now, great for kids…and anyplace with a Tom Otterness sculpture set – my favorite – west side parks above where World trade used to be (all along the water) are some reallly creative designs, great walk, has some Tom Otterness..

    John Black

    Fantastic suggestions, all! Clearly I won’t be able to see everything, but you’re giving me a great start. If anything else comes to mind please keep adding to the list…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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