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    Akin Adekile

    I just finished re-doing my portfolio. I’d like to see some feedback on it before I start sending it out please. It’s in the attachment.

    Andrew Furmanski


    I think that you have so many beautiful images and example of works that you might actually be too wealthy. Your works are great but your portfolio seems a bit busy. If I were you I would really spend some time choosing what is most important and then highlighting those images or projects and displaying them in an effective manner. Do you remember talking about the swiss grid from school?! I find myself going back to that often…also, has some really cool typographic/graphic design ideas that may help you pull it all together!

    It looks good but I think you might be able to sharpen it up just a little bit! Hopefully this crit helps…

    Akin Adekile

    Thanks Drew. Appreciate it.


    I actually like what you have put together. It starts with simple projects and builds throughout, as if to show how your design talents have evolved and become more sophisticated. Whether that was planned or not that is one of the things that I take away. I also don’t have a problem with the content. You are very talented and that held my interest and kept me wanting to see more. As a person who reviews portfolios and resume’s for potential new hires in our firm yours is one that I would put in the pile to “engage further”. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing.

    Craig Anthony

    Nice…I agree with the previous comments, but you look like you’re ready. All I have for you is nit-picky stuff.


    1. I don’t know if you want to put your face in the portfolio, because some folks might have a problem with it. Don’t give them a reason to dismiss you without even looking at your work.
    2. I’m not too crazy about the Times Roman font or what ever it is. I think it’s too traditional for the overall style of your composition.
    3. On your Memorial Design you definitely need to add some heft to your line weights on the black and white stuff.
    4. The roof of the gazebo appears be floating, which might be a good thing since has no horizontal structure to rest upon.
    5. Work on your hand drawn trees. They look flat and lifeless; some of them actually look like green potatoes on sticks. Those don’t look like UGA trees, not very convincing.


    Keep up the good work and you’ll be just fine.


    It’s difficult looking at your work and reading the text with the black bars in the way. I’d loose them or move them further away from the content. White space is your best friend. Yes, loose your pic and the palm trees on the cover, and just stick to one font type…

    Keep the graphic design clean and simple and let your work stand out.

    And are you a landscape designer, or an illustrator? You should advertise that you are seeking a job in one profession and are committed to that profession. Not saying that you shouldn’t show your illustrations, they might help, but your title should just be one. I wouldn’t hire a car mechanic who also says he’s a plumber.


    Beautiful graphics.  Couple of things.

    1. Your portfolio took way too long for me to open at about 55 seconds.  I design digital portfolios on discs and for the web.  You never want to keep anyone waiting for more than 15-20 seconds at most.  People have limited attention spans. 

    2. I briefly scanned through the works but I don’t remember coming across any preliminary sketches.  Everything looks close to presentation quality. 

    3. You have a plant palette with pictures.  The second word the scientific name should be lower case, and preferably both words italicized.  I also saw a few common names which seems inconsistent.

    Overall, keep up the good work.

    Craig Anthony


    What is this man doing? No wonder the poor lady is trying to get away.

    Wyatt Thompson, PLA

    Overall, it’s a very nice presentation. I agree with many of the suggestions others have posted here. I noticed several typos/grammar errors in your captions that should definitely be fixed before sending this out to potential employers.

    Akin Adekile

    Thank you very much. I’ll double check the grammar again.

    Akin Adekile

    You’re looking way too much into things.

    Akin Adekile

    Thank you. So you suggest that I  throw in some prelimary sketches in there?

    Akin Adekile

    Thanks for the tips. I’m a landscape designer who likes to pursue art on the side. Why wouldnt you hire a car mechanic who also says he’s a plumber? The next time you have a plumbing problem you can just hire the same guy.

    Akin Adekile

    Thanks. I appreciate it.

    Akin Adekile

    Thank you very much sir! Very encouraging.

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