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    samwel kimani

     Hi. I think your portfolio is quite good especially the renderings are wonderful. However I do not know why you chose the black cover page and page one since, I believe the front page should create strong attention to the eye and give the viewer the desire to see the rest of the contents. I mean some bright colour scheme whether monochrome or combination of several colours could do better. Otherwise, I  wish you well.

    Ryan Sand

    Some advice I utilize:

    If you want to enter a specific firm, create graphics that are of the same quality and style of theirs.

    Akin Adekile

    So a year later after I created this thread, I’ve decided to update the portfolio a little bit. I heard the economy is getting a bit better, so I’m thinking of sending this out again:

    Things I did:

    *Changed the cover and contact page to something more colorful. I thought it fit the content better. They’re composed of my personal artwork

    *Removed link to my website. I thought it might lead to content that employers may not like.

    *Made all font Arial. Again, I thought it was more appropriate.
    *Varied the line weights on the Memorial Garden project.

    *I added more/changed artwork, but I made sure they were all related to the landscape. Felt appropriate.

    *Added more complex 3d illustrations I did for a freelance job. LA employers are always asking for experience in 3d, so I thought it might impress them

    Well, let me know what ya’ll think.


    Akin Adekile

    I cant seem to view your message. Did you say something?


    Hi Akinyinka;

    Yes…..I had posted a few comments last night……for some reason, they never posted.

    Overall….VERY NICE Portfolio.  Great use of color & graphics are well done.

    These are my suggestions:

    *Garden for the Blind….colors seem a bit too pastel.  If you can’t somehow get the colors to be bolder……I’d pull this example.

    *Poseidon Plaza….I’d pull this example (just not one of your best).  Remember, whether it’s a student or professional LA portfolio….ONLY post your very best work.

    *Emory Memory Garden…..I’d pull this example out as well.

    *Memorial Garden – The line weights on the Planting Plan & Details is “too weak”. They are very difficult to read.  I’m assuming these are autoCAD drawings….so, you could go back and get the line weights “bolder”.  On most autoCAD drawings (or even those that are hand drawn), 4 to 6 different line weights are used to get a drawing to “read” well.

    *Your sketches/drawings at the bottom are very well done!  But, I would pull those that are NOT related to Landscape Architecture.

    Otherwise….VERY WELL DONE!  Please do not hesitate to contact me if there’s ANY additional help I can give you.

    Kind Regards,

    J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

    Mike Metevier

    I would remove the photo of yourself.  Its not a good one and your not applying for a model position.  I think its better to explain what programs you used to create the drawings.  If you have any built work you need to put that in. 

    Akin Adekile

    Your looking at my old portfolio. Please look at the updated one. Thank you.


    Hi Akinyinka;

    I just looked at your Portfolio again…..your “revised” version.  OUTSTANDING!!!  Really, one of the best student Portfolios I’ve seen in some time.  You shouldn’t have a problem finding an LA job.

    Stilll……as I have suggested to many young LA’s…..getting a copy of the job interview book “Hire Me” is a great $10.00 investment.  It’s on and I believe you can even get an e-copy and download it.  Great book.  Tells you everything you will need to know to give an outstanding “job interview”…..which is very important.  Having an excellent Portfolio (like you have, is very important), but also, being able to do great job interviews is critical in today’s VERY competitive job market.

    Best of Luck to You!


    Akin Adekile

    Thanks for taking the time to write all your messages. I’ll definitely check out that book. 🙂


    You’re more than welcome, Akinyinka!  Please stay in touch…I’m confident that you’re going to have a very successful career…as a very talented Landscape Architect.

    Best Regards,





    Good looking portfolio.  I only have a couple of comments. 


    First of all i disagree with some of the previous posters that their is too much work presented here.  In fact I like it.  Many of us designers particularly the visually oriented ones enjoy flipping through a document full of interesting eye candy.


    However, I do agree with one of the previous poster’s points.  Remove the portrait in your table of contents.  I would substitute your hand drawn charcoal portrait in its place.  That says a lot more about your graphic abilities and makes a much more bold statement from the get go.  In my opinion and no offense, but the picture of you is too zoomed in and you’re not smiling 🙂


    I also have a bit of an issue with the heiarchy of “A.Adekile’s Art”  on the table of contents page.  It’s so bold and prominent that it makes me wonder if you’re a graphic artist first and foremost and a Landscape Architect designer second.  I would rethink this a bit depending on what kind of job you intend to apply for (assuming you’re updating portfolio to apply for a new position).  


    The rest of the portfolio is fantatistic.  I appreciate designers that have simple page layouts as I often feel that designer try and get too fancy and it ends up being a distraction.  Oh by the way, what is swimming in the pool above that the two people are looking at?  Looks like a sasquatch.


    Best of luck if you are looking for a job.

    Akin Adekile

    Thank you. I wish I could edit my oriiginal post, but I want people to look at my newly revised portfolio here:

    Akin Adekile

    Print as PDF tends to reduce the file size significantly. There are other ways.

    Richard Kidger

    Hi I like your portfolio and artwork, agree that it is busy, but very nice work. Front cover is a bit loud, I prefer plain, no images in the background including space around the work. Remove any image of yourself, one mistake I was corrected on a long time ago, employers should judge your work which is good and not the person on the cover. And put in only the best images on your work that will hit the prospective employer on turning the page.  It doesn’t have to show your journey from Uni, but can be shown at the end or near the end…

    Try to format it to 5Meg email. first three peice of your best project first.  


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