• Based on my own personal experience be prepared for many sleepless nights fearing when, not if you will get laid off.  Just remember one thing.  ALL Engineers think they can do your job.  In their eyes you are not essential in the A&E firms.  More often then not you will work within an LA department that is headed by an Engineer Principal par…[Read more]

  • Akin,
    Good looking portfolio.  I only have a couple of comments. 
    First of all i disagree with some of the previous posters that their is too much work presented here.  In fact I like it.  Many of us designers particularly the visually oriented ones enjoy flipping through a document full of interesting eye candy.
    However, I do agree with…[Read more]

  • Lauren,
    First of all welcome to land8!  I have read quite a few of these posts and would like to offer my own insight.  I graduated in 2004 and worked for a variety of firms after college.  The first was a small LA firm of 12 people, and the other three were A&E (architectural / engineering) firms. 
    I would say that i have learned the most a…[Read more]

  • Exactly. I thought about that analogy before you posted it. Those that still have jobs are VERY LUCKY! Those that changed jobs recently did not have enough seniority were the first to get screwed. The LA’s that have been laid off have been kicked in the ass and thrown out the door like garbage.

    The way I see it (for those of us unemployed) we…[Read more]

  • Thats an interesting point. I was laid off from two engineering firms the past two years, due to lack of work. Who did they fire first? Engineers that had nothing to do….no…..Cad techs that worked for the engineers, but also had nothing to do….no. If you guessed Landscape Architects, you are correct.
    It seems that we are expendable.…[Read more]

  • CML posted an update in the group Group logo of L.A.R.E. - ANYTHING GOESL.A.R.E. – ANYTHING GOES 12 years, 5 months ago

    If you live in the wonderful progressive State of Maryland, they haven’t even mailed the scores yet (called them today). Too bad their June “Graphic” registration deadline is March 9th. Figures!

  • CML posted an update in the group Group logo of L.A.R.E. - ANYTHING GOESL.A.R.E. – ANYTHING GOES 12 years, 5 months ago

    Has anyone seen the pass rates for Section E from June 2009 and Dec. 2009? Talk about a big drop. Went from 48% to 32%. Wow! It seems that there is a cycle as far as passing rates go.

  • CML posted an update in the group Group logo of L.A.R.E. - ANYTHING GOESL.A.R.E. – ANYTHING GOES 12 years, 5 months ago

    I too…would like to thank Brandon for this thread. I passed A, B, C, & D first time through in (March & June of 2008). Now if only I could pass E (failed it three times, most recently Dec. 2009).
    I finally decided to fork over a rediculous sum of money to CLARB ($160) to review redlines. REDICULOUS! Shouldn’t it be part of the original $330? I…[Read more]

  • Update!

    I am going for an interview in two weeks. I can not give specifics as the position is not currently being advertised and I don’t want a frenzy of inquiries & possible competition for the position.
    I will say that it is for a very good firm in a notorious rust belt city near my fiance’s family. We are thrilled at this possibility! I pray…[Read more]

  • Fair Enough

  • Would love to go. In fact have always wanted to go. But being laid off three times the past two years due to lack of work, has killed me financially.

  • May I ask where you found employment? What city, kind of firm, etc? No specific companies names or anything like that. I’m just curious where there are opportunities

  • NO!!!!

    Was laid off in February 2008. Found another job in June 2008. Laid off again (due to lack of work) November 2008. Went back to work with the same company under a temporary contract starting November 2009 and was laid off AGAIN in Februrary 2010.

    Needless to say the last two years have been very very difficult. Feeling quite disallusioned…[Read more]

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