No need for streetlights in the future because our trees WILL be streetlights?

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    Thomas J. Johnson

    Well, that’s one way to lose these walking blues…

    Thomas J. Johnson

    I used to be into the dark sky initiative, or whatever they call it. Then I came to the conclusion that cities are all about lights. Yes, it makes sense to conserve energy but I also wouldn’t propose dimming time square. On the same token, I’d be willing to wager that interior lights in sky-scrappers emit more combined light or that the light they emit has more of an effect on pedestrians ability to see the sky than street lamps. I.E. two canyon walls emitting light has more of an effect than a row of street lamps on ones ability to see stars.

    Either way, when you’re in the city enjoy the lights. If you want to see the stars, go out to the country. That’s my take on it these days. They are different experiences and should be appreciated as such. I don’t want my cities dark and I don’t want my countryside lit up… they are different and should be…

    Rob Halpern

    Forget gold nonoparticles!
    There’s an even Greener idea! (You thought it couldn’t be done, but….!):

    Les Ballard

    Well of course people do generate electricity but, making trees glow is only good to not bump into the trees, it isn’t illumination and glowing people similarly fail.  We also have the problem of wireless transfer.


    There is currently a device you plug in and is a vibrating pad.  You stand your device on the pad and it works as it vibrates at the same rate.  The problem is getting the wife off the pad to watch the TV though it may make the washing machine last longer.  Mine spends a lot of time on spin while I work!


    The TV series 20000 leagues under the sea with david hedison and others solved the wireless problem but i was never sure how.  As far as illumination is concerned, has anyone thought of a lamp using super conductivity so reducing current needed?  Where you put it, of course, has to be above average reach of vandals with half a brick but certainly lower than normal.  Many modern street lamps are lower down to avoid light pollution and of course the Babylonans built towers to watch stars from above the level of the streets.  Lights now installed on the sea front at Southend on Sea, UK are on tall columns but seem to be directable.  Included in the columns are aerials, speakers and – no doubt – cctv along with visual messaging.  This link is from the local paper:   .


    Life beyond reason, warm beyond the season – and chill!


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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