Online or hard copy portfolio?

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    Josh Perkins

    I am about to redesign my portfolio and I am curious which is better. I am assuming that a hard copy is better. I know that an online portfolio would be helpful, but my knowledge is limited and I am wondering if it is worth the time to focus on video tutorials to learn a program such as Dreamweaver. I have used it before, but I am afraid that if you don’t know the program well, it will do more harm than good.


    Don’t use Dreamweaver, Try WordPress It’s blog and template based, but can still be edited to serve as a portfolio web site. It’s also open-source and free. No software needed, just an internet connection. And it can be set up so you can add blog posts from your mobile device, which means easy updates and continued interest in your site.

    I do agree with having both a hard copy and web based portfolio– attack all angles! Some folks prefer easy access (fast image loading required) to the web. Others prefer the weight and feel of a hard copy in hand… Good luck!

    Lisa Town

    I have done both online and print but my question for you is why you might want it online. If you have things that you feel are better shown online, for example, an animation or some sort of digital work…then definitely. Then, if you have chosen to put something online then you will want to keep it simple, yet interesting.

    Not that I’m saying you should use Flash but when I did my online portfolio I used Flash and made a very dynamic and interactive portfolio, partly to showcase my knowledge in the programs and to display some animations but also in trying to captivate my audience, keep them interested and wanting to delve further into the site. While this isn’t necessary for you, what IS good about Flash is that it won’t allow anyone to snag your images if you are concerned about that.

    But you don’t necessarily have to create your own unless your interested in spending a bit of time learning (Flash is pretty fun), you can get a template online or use some kind of online portfolio website like Carbonmade, ImpactFolios or Foliolink. There are tons of options out there.

    But definitely, definitely have a print portfolio. An online portfolio is in no way a substitute for what you will show someone in person when you get that interview, or what you may want to send to them in the mail. And some firms won’t even accept online portfolios because they want to touch it, see it on paper and see your skills in putting together a good print product. Good luck!!

    Jennifer de Graaf

    I used to post an online hybrid resume/portfolio. However, some of the employers out there (an old school majority??) still ask for a print resume or ask for job inquiries in a format that is not as helpful to an online version. I still maintain a hard copy portfolio, but my print resume is out of date. Visualcv also allows you to make more than one version which is helpful, and to print it out as a .pdf if needed.

    Jason Isaks

    Josh, I think an online portfolio is a great idea, especially considering so many things are done digitally these days. Its also a backup of all your work, one which you can keep adding to.
    biancaKOENIG makes a good point about utilising a free open source cms called wordpress. Easy to install and a breeze to use, however I believe if you want the next step in creating a unique online portfolio you consider paying someone to build you one. This is not to say that you need to fork out loads of money. Freelances are always out there wanting work and will do a whole site for under $100US. I’d recommend checking out
    As everyone else points out, its probably still best to have a hardcopy to take to an interview, however you can at least suggest they check out your full port folio at www………
    Good luck

    Josh Perkins

    Thanks for all the replies. For now I am reworking my hard copy but I will probably start watching online tutorials and learn how to do this in a couple months. Thanks again.

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