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    Craig Anthony

    Thomas – that’s funny stuff!

    Craig Anthony

    If you spend 2 or 3 hours with someone in a one on one situation you can usually disarm them enough to get them to relax and give you an idea of their dominant personality type. In most cases it’s difficult for some one who is an “expressive” personality type to fake being cool and reserve for very long. Just as not easy for person that’s an introvert to put on a gregarious façade for an extended time. If you’re interviewing some one for fifteen minutes and they haven’t looked you in the eye once, you can pretty much assume that this person probably won’t find a lot of success in business development, unless they’re related to a big developer or something.

    With that said, knowing some ones personality type doesn’t tell the whole story. I agree that it takes time to get to know how someone fits into an office. I’ve worked with people that appeared to have it all, they had creativity, charm, gift of gab, good looks etc., but they couldn’t put it all together to make it work for themselves.

    I guess it’s always a gamble; you just have to go with your gut feelings when hiring people. Actually I don’t care so much about a candidates resume or how polished their interviewing skills are. I pay more attention to the vibe a person gives off. And over the years I’ve developed a pretty good B.S. meter.

    David Farber

    Having finished my interviews after college a few months ago, I would say looks, personality, presentation of yourself certainly matters alot. I spend more time with everyone at work then I do anyone else on the planet. You need to be able to be around them all the time. Besides that connections are key aswell. Portfolio, resume, internships are the other part of the equation. Make sure all are great.

    Amy Verel

    “I’d rather have someone that’s a little broody, but produces, than a guy that doesn’t produce, but keeps me in stitches.”

    Haha LOVE THIS, Craig! From someone who loves a good laugh to keep things around the office light but can also be “broody” and frustrated (but still professional) when things are, you know, frustrating as they’re bound to be occasionally, I knew I didn’t fit one culture when my review included “good work” but the suggestion to “smile more.” 😀


    In my limited experience, a great portfolio and ability and willingness to learn will get you a job anywhere.


    Good points, lol.


    Your candor is appreciated. Thanks for the laugh! I’ve had similar experiences. Sometimes I feel like my upbringing and persoanl ethics have made me too nice. I wish I was more comptetitive by nature. Still, I don’t think I could throw anyone under the bus and sleep well at night.

    William Sinclair

    “…just another body in the morgue.” LOL!

    I needed a good laugh, thx.

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