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    Craig de Necker

    Can anyone recommend job scheduling software that works for a landscape design and install business?

    We need to be able to:

     – schedule and track progress of our design work

     – schedule and track progress of garden installations (multiple installation teams with work that includes pools, landscaping, construction)

     – schedule and track maintenance calls

     – manage resources (installation teams and equipment)

     – issue work orders to each team on a daily basis so that specific tasks can be checked off and variances accounted for

    We would prefer a desktop application as opposed to a cloud-based solution

    Any suggestions or advice in this regard will be greatly appreciated

    Leslie B Wagle

    This is coming from someone who doesn’t need or use anything in that area, but I have some handwritten notes from a seminar about using software in the landscape business I’ll pass along. Pardon if there are misspellings and you’ll need to investigate them further (or maybe this will get some others to comment thumbs up or down):

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products: Act! &  Outlook Goldmine

    Same integrated with estimating and accounting: Quickbooks, SAGE, Dynamics, Asset, SAP, Timberline

    Estimating, bidding, lead tracking: Quickbooks, Excel, Go Lawn (don’t know if I noted this right, my scribbles say this is online), Dynascape (with CAD), Vander Kooi, Asset, and Wing and a Prayer

    Also iCrew tracks crew whereabouts on a map

    Craig de Necker

    Thanks Leslie – I’ll check them out

    Gabriel Tader

    We’re using RationalPlan here and it does the job well (

    Haley Rose

    Dear Craig,

    Have you looked into Scheduling Manager from Thoughtful Systems? They have a specific software for lawn care and landscaping business owners. The program is either desktop or cloud based, whichever you prefer. With the program you can do all of the things mentioned above including scheduling and tracking design work, scheduling and tracking installations,a built-in caller ID feature that lets you see who’s calling on the screen, and the ability to manage resources and teams. The program also interfaces with Quick Books. or call 800-759-2532.

    Craig de Necker

    Hi Haley,

    Thanks for the link – I have had a quick look at the site and downloaded the demo with some pdf files that they have.

    We close for the end of the year on Friday until mid January but hopefully I will get a chance to have a look at it before then.

    Craig de Necker

    Thanks Gabriel, I will check out the site shortly.

    Haley Rose

    Hi Craig, 

    Great, I’m glad I could help. Have a wonderful holiday! 


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