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    Chunling Wu

    Hey guys…It’s grt if you can help me on it. I don’t know American rules for enterance, but now I need layout a gas station for some company.
    What situation (site layout) would you use RIRO (right out-Right in) enterance for a gas station? Is it along with the street, or in the parking lot of retails or it’s in a small site with 1 enterance?
    Could you give me some picture or draft if it’s easy to do that.
    Really appreciate it.

    Chunling Wu

    Really thank you. You gave me ideas for driving flow.
    Actually I got a layout from US office today. It’s a RIRO from cutting curb. I’d like to show you that tomorrow, maybe you could explain a little bit on layout.
    Another question is do you know AutoTurn on your project? Because I saw civil is also your employment.

    Chunling Wu

    Did you see this situation?

    Chunling Wu

    Actually it’s one of the options from US office.
    This is a typical retail site in US like the area of Kroger or Food 4 Less. I can’t show entire site for some regulations.
    I have same feeling like you, it’s not an option I can understand either. When they asked me offer an option with RIRO, I had no idea for that, I thought the right access is the existing RIRO, basically, curbing-cut is not first choice for budget.
    Since you know AutoTurn, can I also ask you more questions for that? From the drawing, you can see the flowing of truck is random. I will list my questions tomorrow.
    Really thank you for help!!

    Chunling Wu

    The second printscreen is my work, setting pline, use “offset simulation” to get a truck tracing.
    I didn’t use “generate arc path” because it’s random, I can not control the radius of turning and how much curb would be cut.
    The first printscreen is an example I had, and you could see they use different way,I have 3 questions for AutoTurn- a. what’s the key thinking when putting truck. B. how to find proper control points? C. why the tracing wheels could be shown in 2 ways.

    Could you show me how do you use it?
    Thank you. 🙂

    Chunling Wu

    It’s ok. Any helpful mentoring is welcome from my side. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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