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    Trace One

    defeatism…Michael Bitman, in NYT, finally backs small-foods over GM crops (fertilizer and therefor oil based) and says it can be done..

    ref. to dr. w/ gloves just a random observation – he was weird, very intense, and the only person I actually know who made money in stock market..

    oil and power are not the point – the  point is YOU cannot second geuss it..

    really – check out Antonia Juhaz..

    Oil is over. You need to think bigger – we CAN get beyond it..the Brits didn’t allow the third runway in Heathrow to be built – the triumph of reason..

    Not a matter of repubs and dems, ultimately, I agree with that, but libertarians drag us backwards ..It is  a matter of working together towards a common goal – a clean earth..

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    Wow Tom, just like the 60’s – protesting war on LSD (taken completely out of context, but worth a laugh).

    Thomas J. Johnson

    “Oil is over” Ha! Smoke another one… it’s only starting to get interesting…

    No third runway at Heathrow is a triumph of reason related to the oil industry? What are they gonna do, fly their planes on lithium-ion batteries, solar power and rainbows?

    Libertarians decentralize power by putting more accountability on the individual and relying less on the big government to make their life decisions. Then again, you’re probably a proponent of the UN… if you think a one government world-order is the way to peace and “a clean earth” you’ve got another thing coming… it will create a massive poverty population (notoriously bad for the environment) and a small elite (also notoriously bad for the environment)… the mass of impoverished will eventually revolt, social order collapses, chaos will ensue and it will be Juarez Mexico/Rio ghettos all over the world… a world war of roving gangs that the government can’t control…

    Trace One

    nah..backwards, as usual..Co-operation is a necessity..Compare the chaotic response to Katrina, vs. civilized Japanese response to their disaster..We had cops shooting black people, in our ‘freedom first’ society..Not happening in Japan..

    There must be a balance between co-operation and individual freedoms, obviously, but our problems right now are due to not enough co-operation, too much wild wild west..


    just can’t see how people don’t see that..How will we clean the air, clean the water, without co-operation? How can you assure the meat-eaters that the meat is not part  human, as with the oregon pig-farming mass murderer…We need meat inspectors..

    How does the libertairan model propose to inspect meat for safety, or does it just not matter to l ibertarians..I just don’t get it..




    A few years ago before I became an LA I lived and worked in Shanghai for just under a year and it was great. Afterwards I got to travel all over China which was amazing. You can live in Shanghai for literally next to nothing provided you get into the Chinese way of doing things and don’t try to recreate a little version of home, which would kind of defeat the point of going there in the first place. 


    Its also a gateway to the wider region, My brother is an architect based in Hong Kong and he’s currently spending a week getting a tan on a paradise beach in the Philippines!


    I am based in London, which I love as its where I’m from, but I look forward to hopefully working all over the world in the future.


    Good Luck.  

    Louise Janney

    Hi Landplanner;

    Check out the WESTON Solutions, Inc. web site.  There is a desire to hire for the Mountain division that is not posted but is like the one in West Chester.  If you have some good contacts in the industry and can help develop the planning work this is a great opportunity.  Very cool company even though the web site looks like all engineering.

    We do have oversees offices but no planners in any yet.


    Ihada job offer from a China firm not too long ago–Shenzhen and Shanghai.


    I declined the offer for some of the previously stated reasons–Lower then average wage, loong hours, and evidently little or no time or place for outdoor recreation!


    I had several rounds of phone interviews where the interviewers openly told me that they typically work 8am-10pm on a regular basis and there are ‘no parks’ and hiking is more than an hour away. No thanks. Then, they added in my last interview that travel expenses to china would be paid by the firm, but I would have to pay my own way back PLUS reimburse tham for expenses if I left in less than a year. I didn’t ask if that also stood for being ‘laid off.’ Again, no thanks.


    You gotta ask yourself why firms in China are recruiting from the US.


    I stayed in the states and now I’m working from home in Aspen–not making a lot of money and I still dont have health insurance, but I’m working and skiing everyday or pretty close.



    Louise Janney

    Creative thinking would be my guess.  If they are like India they do not have a cultural history of development, infrastructure, and basic service provision like USA.  Plus look at the rate of growth!  Sounds like you are pretty fine just where you are.


    I looked at the website and it seems you might have some opportunities directly up my alley. Your right, a very cool company. I noticed one in particular with your West Chester branch. I have some good contacts, but they may not be geographically what the company might be looking for. Tell me more and please send me your direct email address.


    That’s what I’ve heard time and again. It just seems strange to me..that many people, no creative thinkers??


    Sure, my only real point was that sometimes it can be better to wait it out, albeit a different situation.


    Nick :


    Thank you for your insight and real time experience with this. So far I have been advised of sometimes long hours (not a regular feature) and a design pace that is accelerated. They are paying my way over, so far and helping me find a suitable place to live near their offices. This is my only viable prospect and as we both know, it has been a very long drought so far. Given the most recent cataclysmic upheavals, I fear the country might be headed for a real double-dip, and the miserable jobs picture will only get more grim and dim.


    Here is what I am talking about. And this is from a website I trust and have been following for quite awhile.


    See the banner headline from today “Crisis Fatigue”



    Louise Janney

    ok louise.janney@westonsolutions.com  I am in the Albuquerque NM office but the Mountain division is sort of in Denver.  Lots of Brownfield work, marking graphics, and Infill Development thru the realestate end.  They have a good model and just now bringing on planning and LA.


    Crisis Fatigue!  I think that’s what I have!  Got to turn off the CNN.  Maybe ignorance really IS bliss.


    Whoa there brother Thomas! No one suggested listening to Jim Cramer (with a C) on a daily basis. I also didn’t recommend reading any of his books. You are right, Jim is entertainment and so is Rush Limblah! I prefer “Squawk Box” who discuss the markets without actually giving you advice on what to buy or sell. They just deliver you the information and what you do with it is entirely on you. I forgot about Cisco, Sandridge Energy and Intel. Those stocks are not going to be down for too long.



    Brother Thomas has answered many of the things I wanted to say. This is the problem with the general public that doesn’t educate itself with the markets. They only see and read those high profile scams on the news. First of, there is a HUGE difference between what I do and giving your money to an investment manager like Bernie Madoof or your 401k which is managed by a fund broker/manager. The main reason why many people lost huge sums of retirement money through their 401k is because they basically have very little control over it. When you invest like I do…you have complete control!

    People win in the stock market everyday!! You think my shares of Apple stock isn’t winning? I bought it for an average price of $8.33 in 1999 & 2003 and it currently trades above $345 per share. So are my shares of Netflix purchased in 2002 and Ebay in 1999. In spring of 2009, I went nuts and bought a boat load of other stocks. And dividends pay you more than an interest bearing savings account. Girl, my Roth IRA is well over 7 figures and my cumulative salary of 12 years in landscape architecture / planning career doesn’t even come close. Your friends are day traders, I’m in it for long term benefits and don’t stress the daily or weekly losses, because I still make money in the long run. There are stop, limit buy and sell orders that prevent someone from big losses like the ones you read in the news. Education in the fundamentals is the key.

    I only purchase stocks or companies that I know in depth or use their products. I learned my lesson from Kmart and Starbucks the hard way. I don’t drink coffee or never go inside a starbucks store, so why did I buy STR at $32 per in 2006 when I could’ve bought more shares Netflix or Chipotle Mexican Grill? Probably stupidity on my part. When I worked in Vegas, me and a few co-workers always went to lunch across the street to a Chipotle restaurant, the Subway of mexican food. I loved their food. You see my point there? Also when the market was crashing in early 2009, I bought Las Vegas Sands, Ford Motors and Sirius radio. Why? Because my favorite casino/hotel and dance club in Vegas were owned by Sands and they have a great CEO. I drive a Mazda3 five door and Ford Ranger (my beach truck) and listen to Sirius XM radio. Again, do you see me point? Having bought SIRI at 0.16 cents per, I probably have more shares of it than there are landscape architects in America.

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