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    Chup, What is a living Gargoyle doing in cold Alaska? The creature lurks in the desert climate. Natural gas is a long term buy! A must on any financial portfolio. You and anyone 45 yrs or younger can’t afford to not invest. Social Security and Medicare will not be there in 30 yrs.

    Terry Naranjo

    LA’s lookin out for each other.  Amen to that!  And THX for the tips!

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    Let us not forget that choosing a career is an investment in the future. Why would anyone take financial investment advice from a landscape architect?

    Darrell V. Oliver

    As it sounds, you are incredibly talented.  Have you considered doing contract work for firms like Manpower?  Prior to starting my firm in 2000, I worked as a contract LA for Manpower.  I really would check the contract/temp position prior to moving way the hell overseas….Have you thought about doing independent consulting on your own?  I would research the contract/temp option here stateside, prior to relocating to China.  But what I’ve read, Shanghai is a really cool place and I also talked w/a guy who was over there for about a year (non design job).  He loved the place.  Best of wishes to you!

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Because sitting around all day drawing pretty pictures, watching the stock market make your money for you sounds like a nice set-up… You’re not going to get rich being an LA but you might get rich sitting at your drafting table making an income in LA and keeping an eye on the market. Plus, you don’t “take” financial advice and follow it blindly… you get pointed in the right direction and do your homework on the companies. For example, I disagree with MauiBob about Mad Money. Kramer is fun and entertaining to watch but his track record (on tv) is not great… by the time he talks about it, it’s old news… his opinions seem to help people who already own the stock… he can help nudge it one way or the other. But I like his show and he does educate and give you things to think about… This is just a fun conversation… educate yourself, control your retirement plan and invest in companies you believe in. Thanks for the advice Bob! I’ll have to look into some of those companies…

    Heather Smith

    Some people’s encouragement sounds like:

    “‘Qu’ils mangent de la brioche'”!

    We’re eating lentils over here.

    Trace One

    jim cramer! I do not understand why people accept people like jim cramer as experts..what are the standards?

    you didn’t see any of the “bear sterns is a BUY!” jim cramers shots that Jon stewart absolutely skewered..

    anyone who uses sound effects is trying too hard..

    but really, what would cause one to respect him? I have respect for socrates and aristotle, I respect some of those who have been anointed by academia..to me, that is a much harder path, than one of looking dramatic and using sound effects.

    You and I cannot win in the stock market, we can at best break even..That is why we need public pensions, so we are not subject to gamblers booms and busts, but are guarenteed subsitence living.. Anything over that is our gravy..

    Citizens used to be able to rely on their house acruuing income, but not since Greenspan et al decided that Ayn Rands world view was correct..Greenspan has since said he made a major mistake in his ‘world view.’ Thanks, Alan..Hand over your blond wife and your property, to begin to atone for your ‘world view.’

    Thomas J. Johnson

    You and I can win in the stock market… you just need to educate yourself. Right now you look at it and see chaos… change your perspective. Stop thinking emotionally and think logically. If you trade with emotion, like most people gamble, you will lose. If you understand that markets have patterns that are created by cause and effect relationships you can identify opportunities. i.e. right now energy is a big deal and will only get more valuable (oil, natural gas, liquid natural gas, coal,etc), raw goods are a big deal… food is going to be a big deal… currencies are pretty interesting… there are a lot of things that are changing in the world… when people are freaking out the people that stay calm make money… the last thing I want is the government looking after my retirement… they fail at everything they touch. There is not one thing they do well, except maybe the military.

    Craig Anthony

    No wife, no kids. I would be gone in a New York minute. Don’t live your life with regrets. Baseball and apple pie are great, but they wouldn’t keep me anchored to US soil. There’s a chance that going to Shanghai will suck, but there’s also the chance it will be the greatest thing that ever happened to you. Either way you’ll come home with some incredible stories to tell your grandkids.


    What’s so scary about living out of a suitcase for a while? I would look at it as an adventure of a life time. You’ll have the opportunity to really get to know another culture, not just as a tourist, but by actually living there.


    If I had to chose between staying in the US and working out of my field or going to China and working as an LA. I would head east every time.

    Trace One

    right, the oil market makes sense…I recomend Antonia Juhaz, The Tyranny of Oil.. I have friends who are in the stock market, and I cannot understand how they sit around geussing what the market is reacting to, while sitting in Virginia…If you are not on Wall Street, you can’t even begin to geuss what is going around, andeven they don’t know, anyway, they just game what they do know..I do know one person who sucessfully made a ton of money off the stock market..He was a doctor who refused to touch any patients, if forced to touch a patient he would wear the plastic gloves..didn’t last very long at the clinic where he was when I knew him..

    Government has succeeded at tons of things..it is the republican cancer of ‘drown it in a bucket’ that is killing us from within – yes, government doesn’t work if you don’t let it work…

    You don’t remember the Chicago River on fire, in the seventies, I geuss.. 


    He had it right all along.

    Cliff See

    hello, are you kidding me? What are you waiting for my friend?

    if you dont have a family or kids to support at this time, go, go, go… it will change your life. work a few years and come back, you’ve got nothing to lose anyway. see other parts of the world, learn some of the lingo, eat their food, get involved with the profession there, spread some of your love to the people you meet… live your life.

    Think what you have to offer them..

    if not, send me the application. i have been looking to get back into LA profession over three years now, no such luck for me here in california.



    One of my former guys is in China, working for AECOM, and he seems to be happy, based on his facebook posts.  I think he’s in Shenzen.  I could give you his contact info if you want to ask him directly. 


    You might also want to look up Walter Bone on here as he’s been in Macau for a few years.  He used to head up an LA dept. with a civil firm in Las Vegas that had to close the LA office after the crash hit.  He had some good advice on working in China.


    Personally, I wouldn’t want to be that far from home.  My parents are getting up there in years and I may need to be around for emergencies.  For me, getting comfortable in a new place is hard enough when you can speak the language and read the signs.  I love travel and getting to know cultures, but working there would be a bit much.

    Thomas J. Johnson

    The Dude abides…

    Thomas J. Johnson

    No, I was born in ’78… missed the Chicago River on fire… I did have the distinct pleasure of marching down Lake Shore Drive in the first Chicago Iraq War protest. We shut down LSD in both directions for as far as the eye could see… I found myself at the front, the protest organizer asked me, since I had my bike, to ride up to Oak St. to see if they had roadblocks set up. I rode like the wind, all alone on LSD, no cars, no people…just me going to see what lay ahead… a moment I will always remember… a man, on his bike, on a mission, alone on the most famous road in Chicago… surreal…

    I’m not understanding your vague doctor reference… why wouldn’t he touch any patients? Was it the early 80’s during the AIDS scare? How did he make his money? Investing in latex gloves? I know the guy who invented the Bio-Hazard boxes that are in every hospital room in the country… he was working in a bowling alley at the time… he doesn’t work in a bowling alley anymore…

    As long as we continue to play the Dem vs Rep game we will go nowhere… stop perpetuating a flawed system and the monkey mindset it depends on… think bigger… 

    P.S. Without oil we’d be scratching in the dirt and rubbing sticks together to start a fire… oil is the best fuel source in the history of mankind. If you think that it’s possible or even desirable to separate oil and power you’re naive… oil is power. It is only going to get more expensive and those who control access control the world… putting flowers in your hair and singing kumbaya is not going to change that…

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