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    Hello all, I’m a new member to land8lounge forum. I am currently working in a landscape practice whilst doing Post Grad education in Landscape Architecture in the Uk.


    I am calling for assistance to ask if anybody out there may know of any good projects of precedence to my major project at the moment which involves a lot of research….


    My project is fused between sculpture and landscape design as one. I am looking for sites where an artist and landscape architect have both capsulated the importance of site heritage sculpturally and through the use of innovative landscape features. The scheme would most beneficially be urban and part of a regeneration project.


    Examples of case studies I am researching 

    Capturing site context may include an artist (high profile) that has translated sculpture throughout the site or singularly.  Landscape features may include imprinting site relics into hard landscaping and using them as inspirational objects, bespoke seat furniture etc…


    Any knowledge of sites comparable, which capture these elements, would be gladly received!!!


    Many Many Many Thanks




    mark foster

    FDR memorial, Washington DC


    Thanks Mark much appreciated I will check it out 

    So far the landscpaes I have looked at include:

    1. Wonder Holland (West 8) 
    2. Holocaust Memorial by architect Peter Eisenman

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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