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    Tyson Carroll

    I received back my score for section D this past week and my results were 11212. Which was an improvement over previous attempts yet still not enough to pass. I have studied the reference material, done the flash card thing, taken the practice tests, and gotten my hands on any study material I think might be relavent.  This has not been working for me. So does anyone have suggestions/ideas or methods that worked for them whether it was another reference material not listed for the test, approach to the test which worked for them, way of studying, helpful testing hints? I am open to all options at this point.





    Adam Trujillo

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t pass. Looks like you’re almost there. My only suggestion would be to maybe make a change in the way you take the test? I’m not sure what your strategy is when you are taking the exam but maybe that’s where your approach needs to change? Because by now you probably know most of the material in order to pass it, you just need to find a way to get past those tricky questions. The ones that have more than one right answer and you have to find the BEST answer. For me, when I take the test I use the white board and write down the letters for all the questions that give me a hard time. For instance;
    Then i read the question over one more time and then I read each answer given. I cross out each one that I know is not right. Then I’m left with either one or two that I think could be it. Then I re-read the question again (3rd time) and look at my two answers and try to make a final decision which one it is. If I’m still not sure, I mark it and come back to it later. Then at the end of the test I’m left with the tough ones to go over again and hopefully by then I have a clearer head and can make the right choice…

    This system seems to be working for me so far and maybe its something you could try as well? Again, I think you probably know the material well enough, it’s just finding a way to get through the tough questions. Hope that helps and good luck!

    Wyatt Thompson, PLA

    This is the exact method I used to pass section B. It’s good to hear another person has had similar success with the strategy.

    Tyson Carroll

    Thank you both for the helpful advice. Fortunately I received a call from CLARB indicating that I had failed the test by one question. After reviewing the test results one or a few (sorry cannot rembember the exact words) of the questions were thrown out and I had now passed Section D. I had heard rumors of this happening to people but it was always like an urban legend. Needless to say no more test in march and september……

    Thanks again,


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