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    T Gifford

    Greetings fellow designers. I am about to take Section D in September and would like to know what study materials would be the most helpful. (i’m hoping i’m giving myself enough study time 4-5 weeks).

    Currently I have:
    Erik Sweet’s 2nd Edition, SEction D Practice Problems
    LARE Secrets

    What other materials should I be studying? Does anyone have any practice tests that they’d be willing to sell or post or email? I’m trying to make sure that I cover all of my bases before taking the test. I want to pass it on the 1st try!

    If anyone has any materials or thoughts on what I should study from – your advice/materials would be much appreciated.

    I have info for Section A, B, C and E that I would be happy to email, share & trade.



    J. Waldron, RLA

    Do a search on this site for the google group. Probably find it in the professional practice forums. That group and a trip to my old arch. library got me through the exams. If that fails, I can dig up some pdf’s for you. That section overlaps the other two multiple choice sections, so if you’ve passed those, the D stuff is all you’ll need.


    It’s been awhile since I took my test and I believe they have changed the format some since then (1991). What exactly is covered in Section D? I’ll be happy to help if I have anything that pertains to that section.

    Daniel Majors

    This was shared with me a few months ago and it has a lot of material, most i’ve seen before but some of it I haven’t. It proved to be a good resource to me. Go to ( to download files for all sections of the exam. You can also check out the main group page @ ( if you want to join discussions. Hope this help ya’ll…it helped me!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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